Top 5 Important Reasons to Use WordPress for a Website

Why use WordPress to create a website? Is WordPress the best platform? Questions like these will keep popping in your mind if your thinking of building a website with WordPress. And also you might be seeking one or more reasons good enough, influencing you to use WordPress.

For any small or large scale business, a website is mandatory. And with WordPress, it is very easy to build and maintain a website. Also, WordPress is quite famous for its flexibility. It is filled with customizable options providing endless possibilities in designs and layouts. Plus, you don’t even have to hire a developer to set up the website. You will be able to do it yourself. Now, what do you think of WordPress? Find out more reasons below.

Why Use WordPress for a website: Important reasons

    1. Easy to Use and Manage
    2. Safe and Secure
    3. Easy to Customize
    4. SEO Friendly
    5. More than Just a Blog

Easy to Use and Manage


We know that WordPress is free and open-source software. Any user can easily download, install and modify it. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to be a developer to set up the website. All you need to do is choose a theme, then install/activate it with necessary plugins and lastly get a hosting. WordPress is customizable which means that you have the freedom to modify the designs and layouts. And, make the website unique just like the way you have imagined.

Safe and Secure


WordPress is yet extremely powerful platform. Built with standard high-quality codes you will have a safe sound website. But as the internet is uncertain, there are intruders seeking moments to step in and create disturbances. Especially for those situations, WordPress provides you tools such as Sucuri and more, that protects the site from brute force attacks and malware.

Easy to Customize

A techie or non-techie, WordPress can be used by both as there are thousands of templates available which by the way are free. The themes come with the options panel allowing you to change colors, upload logo, change the background, create beautiful sliders, and many others. There you can apply your creativity and make the website look amazingly beautiful and clean as well.

SEO Friendly


WordPress is the most preferred content management system for creating blogs and websites. But is WordPress good for SEO? Of course, it is. WordPress, straight out of the box, comes ready to embrace search engines. Mostly WordPress sites come with built-in SEO features such as the ability to allow search engines to crawl content, ping search engines when content is published, and other SEO features. Everything in WordPress from themes to plugins is SEO friendly. What’s better than WordPress for ranking your website, generating SEO based contents and managing it.

More than Just a Blog


Another reason why you should use WordPress is, it is just not a blogging platform but more than that. Though WordPress was born as a blogging platform, today most people and businesses use WordPress as an outright website. It features both post and page structure where you can post regular blog articles without affecting your static pages (i.e. “about us” or “contact us” pages). Moreover, it lets you publish any type of content online, be it the products of an online store or the images of a photo gallery.

Wrapping Up

WordPress benefits you in many ways. Even the above reasons are not enough to explain the use of WordPress. There’s a lot more, you’ll know if you start digging now. And yes, WordPress will sure surprise you in many ways.