How to Protect Your WordPress Site from Malware Infection?

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS and blog posting platform and the problems associated with this may disturb the hundreds of website owners. In the last few years, WordPress hacking has been emerging as a serious issue.

Most of the bloggers or website owners are facing the problems of getting their site hacked or malware infected. Thus, it becomes crucial to find out the ways to protect your site from malware infection. This blog would help you by giving you information on how to protect your WordPress site from Malware infection. But, before getting into the topic, let us try to find out the meaning of Malware.

Meaning of Malware?

It is bad-natured software, also known as a website infection. When your website gets infected and the web users start receiving the virus, then it spreads malware.

Usually, websites are flexible and give ample exposure. It directly connects to the World Wide Web that is offering the different types of information to the diversified web users.

How Does WordPress site get infected with Malware?

Today, most of the WordPress sites are getting infected with the malicious malware and this happens when the hackers try to break into the sites. Most often, people think that hackers are the actual person, but in real it is an automated process. In this, spammers and hackers draw up a script to search for websites with particular vulnerabilities, which can be used to hack a website.

The hackers look out for advanced security loopholes in the WordPress and its plugins and themes. They also watch other software with cracks like Drupal, Joomla, phpBB etc. According to sodapdf.com, the main purpose of writing the scripts is to break into the holes of a website and infect all the database and PHP files.

In other words, the written scripts hunt for security holes in the WordPress site and their plugins and themes. If your website is not updated then the hackers can get into your site. Another way of hacking the website is by using an insecure connection by accessing login to FTP, your web hosting account or your Wp-admin dashboard.

In fact, your WordPress can be infected through your web host as well. There will be chances that your web host is not updated with the latest patches and the hackers can get an opportunity to get into the security holes and infect all your files. They can also steal your login information and can access it multiple times.

How can you protect your WP website from the Malware Infection?

It is necessary for you to find out the ways to protect your website from the malware infections. This blog will help in letting you know effective ways that will make your site safe and secure from the hackers:-

Change your Password Regularly: The best way to get out of this adverse situation is by regularly resetting your WP admin, web hosting and FTP passwords in every one or two months. And always try to insert a 12+ character tough password.

Update your site time to time: Update your WordPress site, its themes and plugins time to time. In fact, ask your developer to update all the things once in a year. Through this, you can keep the hackers away from any security holes.

Expel outdated stuff: It is imperative for you to expel all unused and outdated themes and plugins if you want to protect your site. Such stuff is the disastrous security holes that you usually forget. By removing these items, you can keep your site away from the hackers or spammers.

Suppress General WordPress Elements: Usually, Meta generator tag of a HTML page displays what version of WordPress you are running. Therefore, it is important to use a security plugin like Better WP Security or Secure WordPress to suppress this WordPress element from being displayed in your public pages.

Setup developing and monitoring feature: With the help of alert and monitoring service, you can lift up your site or can change the content of your site. IT support Rock Hill SC services can also help protect your computer systems from a variety of viruses and other online threats.

Google Webmaster Tools: The benefit of registering with Google webmaster tool is that they can easily find malware in your site and will update you trough email. Therefore, many of the website owners register with the Google Webmaster tools.


In this blog, we have tried to find out the ways that will help in protecting your website from the hackers and spammers. We have discussed the malware and how it infects the website. But, still there are some points that you should keep in mind if you want to secure your site. By following these easy and effective security measures, you will surely beat the hackers.