How to Prepare Against Hackers to Protect Your WordPress Site

Security is one of the critical aspects of maintaining a WordPress website. If you are a website owner and want to keep your site protected from the hackers, then you need to strictly consider its security.

Obviously, your website carries a lot of useful content that represents you and your business. So, you have to harden your WordPress site against the hackers or the risk of being hacked.

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In this blog, we will discuss the tips and tricks that can help you reduce security risks and protect your website from hackers.


Don’t use common Username and Password


If you want to beat the hackers, then you have to be smart. For that you need to take each and every step carefully while managing your site.

Many of the WordPress owners use “admin” as their username and also select a weak password. The weak password means you are making your site vulnerable to malicious attacks. It means the hackers can easily find the ways to get into your site. Additionally, an old default “admin” username tells hackers that you are not up to date on your website’s security standards.

The recent version of WordPress is far away with automatically assigning “admin” as a username, but your host may automatically generate that username when you install WordPress.

In order to avoid this, you need to create a new administrative account, and then delete the “admin” account completely.

When you are setting up your new admin account, ensure to change the name mentioned in the username field with the new one.

This will evade hackers who visit your Author Profile pages in an attempt to guess your username.


Keep your Content Fresh and Unique

It is always beneficial to update your content and adding new content on the regular basis as it improves your site’s ranking on search engine pages. It is also useful to display everyone that you are active on the website.

If you are not available to update your WordPress, then you can plan and schedule a few posts/pages with an objective to publish when you are not available. This tells hackers that someone is actively using the site and they are not welcome.


Don’t compromise with the quality
Keep your Content Fresh and Unique

Most of the people begin their new website by finding the unpopular hosting company that provides cheap hosting service. Then, they use free theme and also add cheap or free plugins that are easily available over internet.

Well, there is nothing wrong as you can use a free theme or plugin but you need to pay for quality. That means you need to consider the security and price as well while choosing your hosting service, theme developer and plugins.

Some of the leading hosts are more secure and impervious to hackers than other local hosts. Some theme developers are more alert while creating security measures than others and the same concept goes with plugins.


You don’t need to overlook Updates


When WordPress releases a major update you don’t need to think anything else, just download it quickly without wasting a second. However, the security updates will activate automatically to detect unknown security risks. But, many hackers know how to get into your site. They hack your site by getting into your site through security patches. Therefore, WordPress does everything to prevent hacking efforts through security patches added in program updates.

You also need to update all your plugins and themes consistently, because it is one of the simplest and dynamic ways to ensure that you can keep your website safe from hackers.

And thus, WordPress always notifies you when a new WordPress, plugin or theme updates are available in order to keep you updated with the latest updates.


Motivate Humans to Visit, Not Bots

You don’t need to scan all of your visitors to confirm that they are human, but that’s exactly what you need to do to avoid bot (web robots) attacks.

The simplest way to do this for all your visitors is to add the SI CAPTCHA anti-spam plugin. However, a user needs to type in letters or numbers presented to them when they try to leave comments on your posts. We all know that bots don’t have a human eye to encounter those words and numbers, so it is difficult for them to pass the test.


Keep a Back Up of your site, and update regularly
Keep a Back Up of your site

If your site gets corrupted or gets hacked, a backup copy of a site always makes it simpler and quicker to set and run the site again.

Don’t leave anything for hackers, even if you already have robust security on your site. Well, you can also use UpdraftPlus plugin that allows you back up your website automatically at different intervals you determine and store those backups in a selected location.


Keep you website clean and well-managed

If you want to strengthen your website against hackers, then it is important to keep your website clean and well-organized. You can delete all unused themes and plugins for precaution.

In order to delete plugins, you need to first deactivate the unused ones. Then, you can see the option to delete them. However, deleting unused themes is more complex. For that, you will need to log in to your hosting service and open the WordPress theme folder: wp-content > themes. Then click on themes folder and delete the unused themes.


Regularly monitor your website
Regularly monitor your website

You don’t need to worry all the time about whether there is a hacker trying to head over your site. You can eliminate this fear by signing up for a security monitoring service.

You can use Sucuri plugin, a security toolset for security integrity monitoring, security hardening and malware detection. When a hacker tries to attack on any site, this plugin starts alarming and a website will automatically be protected from the same attack.

In fact, you also receive notifications from the plugin that alerts you to all potential dangers on your site. You can also take advantage from a web application firewall and quick protections that strengthen your website against hackers and spammers.

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In this blog, we discussed the eight handy tips that can help you protect your WordPress site from hackers. With the help of these tips, you can harden your site’s security and also enhance its productivity.