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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Submitting A Theme In WordPress.org

Have you ever submitted a theme in wordpress.org? If not, then you should definitely check this article before submitting your theme. There are many things that you should check before submitting a theme but the most common things that most people often miss are:

Checking The Theme With Theme Check plugin:

If you have warnings in your theme check result, your theme is never going to be accepted. Always check your theme with theme check plugin so that you can fix the issues. You can find the plugin here.

Prefixing All Functions And Global Variables:

You must always prefix your functions or global variables with your theme’s slug. It ensures that there will not be any conflict with other’s functions or global variables.

Escaping And Sanitizing Variables:

Sanitization and escaping is done so that the values to be saved as well as the values to be displayed cannot be manipulated by other means. This must be done in your theme correctly, the required output must be displayed after sanitizing and escaping.

Providing License:

You must always provide with the license of the libraries or images that are used in the theme. The license must ensure that the product used is allowed to be used by anyone.Your theme must always have General Public License(GPL).

These are the most common mistakes many people make during the time of theme submission which can be surely prevented.