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Changes in Trusted Author Program- Theme Review Team

Recently, there have been some changes in Trusted Author Programs. According to the theme review team leadership discussion, the trusted author must follow the criteria to get their theme live fast.

But first, what is a Trusted Author Program?

Trusted Author Programs is created to minimize the burden on review/leads. Its main objective is to improve the review process more efficient for the authors who are always showing their ability to produce high-quality code and themes that are similar to the current guidelines provided by WordPress.

What are the changes in Trusted Author Program?

The main goal of this change is to reduce the waiting queue, in order to get the new theme sooner in WordPress.org directory. If the theme reviewer made it to this criteria, their theme will directly go to the new theme submission queue and any one of the theme review team leaders will review them.

According to the Alexandru Cosmin (one of the reviewers from theme review team leadership), he said, ” As we can’t figure out a way to bring in new reviewers and maybe keep them on-board after the initial reviews, we decided to make a few changes to the Trusted Authors program.

He further added “Trusted Authors will need to review one ticket a month to be able to have their themes set live. Not doing a review doesn’t mean that you’ll lose your privileges or that you’ll have to re-apply. You’ll just not be able to have your themes set live until you finish a review.

Let’s take a look over the changes in trusted author programs that you need to know:-

  • Trusted author have to review one ticket a month in order to have their theme live in the WordPress directory.
  • No child theme, just parent themes.
  • Your theme will not be set to live until you finished the theme you have picked for review.
  • Even though you are a trusted author, you can only upload one theme per week. It doesn’t matter how many themes account you are affiliated with. If you are caught doing this, you will be permanently banned from Trusted Author and all the themes you are affiliated with will be removed.

For detail information and the consequences of not following the rules please kindly go through this link. Trusted Authors Program.