Awesome Widgets Update with the fresh 4.8

So WordPress 4.8 is here, right before we get into #WCEU2017 mode. For those who have been following this closely, this has been a much awaited release and for those who were not, this is still a to-be-excited-for release. We at Code Pixelz had been waiting for this and were particularly interested on how in-built “widgets” were getting a much needed boost. So excited, that we are going to write about it.

WordPress 4.8 comes with 4 different content widgets. This means, more power to the user. Easier content addition to sidebars and also a blessing to those, who build widget powered themes. Here’s something about the widgets, I have been talking about ever since.

Image Widget

Adding an image to a widget is now a simple task that is achievable for any WordPress user without needing to know code. Simply insert your image right within the widget settings. Try adding something like a headshot or a photo of your latest weekend adventure — and see it appear automatically.

Video Widget

A welcome video is a great way to humanize the branding of your website. You can now add any video from the Media Library to a sidebar on your site with the new Video widget. Use this to showcase a welcome video to introduce visitors to your site or promote your latest and greatest content.

Audio Widget

Are you a podcaster, musician, or avid blogger? Adding a widget with your audio file has never been easier. Upload your audio file to the Media Library, go to the widget settings, select your file, and you’re ready for listeners. This would be a easy way to add a more personal welcome message, too!

Rich Text Widget

The most anticipated feature of all is Rich Text Widget, this feature deserves a parade down the center of town! Rich-text editing capabilities are now native for Text widgets. Add a widget anywhere and format away. Create lists, add emphasis, and quickly and easily insert links. Have fun with your newfound formatting powers, and watch what you can accomplish in a short amount of time.

Apart from this, there has been a media widget REST API schema.

Media Widgets API

The introduction of a new base media widget REST API schema to 4.8 opens up possibilities for even more media widgets (like galleries or playlists) in the future. The three new media widgets are powered by a shared base class that covers most of the interactions with the media modal. That class also makes it easier to create new media widgets and paves the way for more to come.