Top 9 Reasons That Makes WordPress Best CMS Framework

CMS (Content Management System) is the best platform to develop your website, and it serves us all features inbuilt in it that makes our work very easy and we can easily develop and design our web services. It is an open source platform, and we can make any kind of changes in it. WordPress first introduced in 2003. With the help of it, we can easily develop and manage out our blog and article website. In 2008, it gets hike and at present more than 80 million sites have been created by using WordPress and it demands more with the time. We can say that it has become the best CMS framework and giving a new direction to the web world. WordPress has many vital concepts that you will not get elsewhere. It is the first choice of developer and user both. The most important factor is that with the help of basic knowledge of programming, we can easily develop our website and if we don’t know any language, then we can also manage it very efficiently.

At present, WordPress is known for the best platform to represent your services in an effective way, and that’s why it is so popular among people and developers, here we will discuss important factor that makes WordPress vital and more demanded.

# Open Source and Free

WordPress is 100% free and open source platform that is a beneficial factor for us. Here, you will not face any kind of hidden charges and maintenance charge. Due to having open source and free platform; people are using it more and showing their more interest in it. Owing to open source, anyone can make changes in it and can make it according to their uses and need. For this, we have to gain knowledge regard programming languages to make changes in it because for this we have to make changes in its coding and for this; we can also take help of the developer who will make our website according to our choice.


There are hundreds of contributors that are helping it to make it more advances. They are not only making it more secure by making it more optimized, increasing its features, user experience, efficient and much more specifications. At present, more than 40,000 plug-in are available for different kinds of services that are making it more advanced and more feature centric. There are endless options are available to make your website according to your desire. Here, you will get a specific plugin for the separate task and by its kinds of services; it saves our time and money both.


WordPress is easy to install and within five minutes we can install it and can use it and also can modify it whenever we require it. It provides us a user-friendly interface that any tech guy can make changes in it and can use it. Owing to user friendly interface, it is more trusted among users and has become the first choice of the user. It is very intuitive and easy to learn and operate. The Main thing about it is that it is known for 5-minute installment process.


WordPress has an SEO friendly interface that is need of time. When we want to develop our website, then we want a platform that can serve us best services that can easily modify our website for SEO because if your website is not SEO friendly, then it has no meaning to develop it. Without SEO, a site is nothing because whenever the user does not get to your website, it cannot use your services. For SEO services, there are many plugins that make our SEO services easy and effective. A plugin like Yoast and All in One is playing an important role in SEO services because all SEO enhancing features are inbuilt in it and we can easily modify it and can serve our best services. So, making SEO of WordPress website is very easy and without the developer, we can easily maintain our SEO services.


WordPress is known as the best platform for web services that are highly secure and safe and these features make it so popular. Most people think that due to having an open source platform, it cannot be secure, but it is exceptional and counted in most secure web development platform. WordPress is highly oriented to their security features and no one can break its security. WordPress is not only open source platform but also more secure and without any problem, we can use it. For improving security of its, WordPress makes changes in its plugins and introduced advanced security updates and after releasing WordPress 3.2, within it an automatic feature that automatically updates its plugins.


At present, our website must be responsive and user-friendly and if you are not having these features in your website, then your website has no longer effective because the user needs effective, responsive and mobile friendly website that can be loved by all users. The responsive website plays an important role to represent our website as a brand. For SEO services, our website must be highly responsive and mobile friendly. At present, most people surf web and internet services by using their mobile so, our website must be mobile friendly and for this, WordPress is the best platform to develop our website.


For introducing online business services we need a platform and that is WordPress. WordPress is counted in world best platform to introduce your online business. For e-commerce, a WooCommerce plugin is available that will develop all kinds of business options in it and you can easily introduce your all items and services without the help of a developer. There are many more helpful extensions are available like WooCommerce, WP eCommerce Shop, by using them you can easily make money online. So, with the help of WordPress, you can easily introduce your online business services.


The best of WordPress is multi-user and at that same time, any user can do work on it. WordPress understand it and so for that, you can categorize it to work like super admin, administrator, editor, author, contributor, subscriber and much more according to your need. So, WordPress support multiuser features and serve us best user-friendly services.


As we know that WordPress is a very helpful approach for web development services. There is many more specifications of it that makes it in high priority like WordPress is easy to manage and even not IT guy can maintain and manage it because its user interface is very friendly and for making any changes there are easy options are available in simple English that anyone can make changes in it and can develop it according to itself. We can easily manage it and update it in a very easy manner.

For any help, there are community services that serve us best services and any kinds of problem we can share with them and can get the best solutions for that.There are many forums and YouTube videos that help you with each challenge. Here live chat options are available and you can easily interact with them and can get the best solutions for their problem. So, we should not worry about help.

In WordPress, we can easily integrate third-party services like we want to launch an email marketing campaigns for that we can also third-party plugins and WordPress easily support them in the best way and for this paid and free both kinds of services are available, and it makes WordPress most outstanding.

So, from all above-defined reasons, we can know that why WordPress is so advanced and most demanded platforms among users and developers. All factors help in making WordPress the best CMS framework there is.