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8 Common Mistakes Beginner WordPress Users Make

As a beginner, it is always tough to make choices from the elements for building a website. You would take a look at the references or follow the steps given in a tutorial before starting to build it.

WordPress is a popular choice amongst developers or beginners to start a website upon. According to a statistic report, 34% of the total websites are built on WordPress.

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One of the reasons to use WordPress as a website builder is that it can be easily customized. No matter how well or cautious you are, there will be certain things that you might miss accidentally.

These mistakes might affect a few parameters of your website and cause errors on your website. Let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes beginner WordPress users make. 

Not backing up the website

There may be a plethora of reasons when the WordPress site may get hacked and you might lose the data while making a recovery. And if you have not created a backup, you might end up losing all your data.

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Another reason is that your website suddenly crashed and you have got nothing to restore after it. That’s because you have had no backup of your website.

Anyways, there are a lot of backup plugins available for your WordPress website which you can use to create backups, not only automatic backups but also manual. This will let you take a backup of your website whenever something important needs to be stored (as well as restored when the website crashes).

Not updating the website

Ignoring updates might cause a problem to your website. There are chances where your website might stop, it may take time to load and thus lose subscribers.

And it may be because you have not updated your WordPress website. Why did that happen?

Your website might not run properly and may face security issues. There are spambots that may be vulnerable to your website as well as hackers. Some of the plugins might not work as they would not be compatible with the older version of the software and might require the software to update.

Neither you want to lose your data and subscribers, nor you want to compromise with the security. And this is the reason why you need to run WordPress update on your site.

Not choosing the right platform

This is the fight between two platforms viz. WordPress.org and WordPress.com. Both have there own advantages and disadvantages.

Mistakes Beginner WordPress Users Make-Code Pixelz

WordPress.com is a website hosting service for blogs or personal websites where it takes care of the backup, updates, setup, etc. and is free.

Whereas the WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform where you need to buy your own hosting and install WordPress. You need to manage everything including updates, site backup, setting up themes as well as monetizing it.

So, if you don’t choose the platform according to your requirements, you might not get the desired outcome from it.

Avoiding Google Analytics integration

There is a WordPress plugin available for Google Analytics that allows you to add tracking code on your website. It shows the traffic sources i.e., it shows us the location from where the website viewers are.

Google Analytics is free to use and adds javascript to every page, products or posts. Thus, this will help you come to know strategies that you can apply to grow your business.

Avoiding SEO settings

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that helps you get your website ranked on search engines and make it visible to the people searching for similar content.

If you just post the content and do not look for an SEO plugin, you might stay in seclusion only. SEO is a tool that will help you bring traffic to your website.

Keep your website search engine optimized so that the search engine bots may index your website and the users can reach your website having the content that they are looking for.

Not assigning proper Categories and Tags

Categories and Tags allow you to group the content and describe where they belong on the website.

Mistakes Beginner WordPress Users Make-Code Pixelz

We have found that there are many posts on the websites which remain uncategorized. This makes it difficult for a visitor to find the content if he has to look all over the website.

Categories are the classes that can be assigned to a particular group of content or in other words it conveys what the article is about. For example – “Hosting” is a category, then it will contain articles that are related to hosting in it.

Whereas Tags can be described as the keywords in a particular post. Both the categories and tags go hand-in-hand.

If you want to let the site visitors or subscribers find the content easily, then assign appropriate categories and tags to the posts.

Keeping the website open to Public when under construction

Do not make this mistake to get the website live unless it is completed. Unfinished work will never bring visitors to your website.

When the site is still building up, it won’t be optimized and it might affect your ranking in search engines due to lack of content and still under construction.

Not monitoring Speed, Performance, and Security

As a beginner, you want your site to rank above in the search engines. And for this purpose, you install lots of plugins that might not even be necessary for your website.

This may adversely affect the speed of your website. If your website takes a longer time to load, there are more chances that the user might close the website or might not return and thus your bounce rate increases.

What you need to have is a website with sufficient plugins that are necessary, it should be speed-optimized as well as secure. Use the right tools to keep your website load faster.


Newbies, if you already have started working over your websites, try to avoid these mistakes. Right from choosing the platform that is best for your website, to keeping it secure and search engine optimized, you need to be careful about your website.

It’s a tendency that humans make mistakes, but what we need to do is try to make as few mistakes as possible.

Do not let your enthusiasm die. If you want to make a website and present your talent, just do it.

Good Luck!