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5 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best CMS

Content management systems are called upon to serve increasingly diverse functions for website administrators, who lean on platforms like WordPress to do much more than post blog entries.  And with the competitive offerings put forth by a few noted CMS providers, there is no reason for anyone – even technically challenged bloggers – to put-up with inferior service and functionality.

WordPress furnishes the most popular platform for webmasters, eclipsing other options like Joomla and Drupal. And the trend is likely to continue through 2014, as the powerful platform continues to fulfill the needs of diverse users. The accessible platform draws bloggers and Web administrators for a number of reasons, including these traits making WordPress the best available CMS:

WordPress is Powerful yet Accessible

Incorporating all the bells and whistles into a CMS does not benefit users, unless the advanced features are easy to understand and useful in a variety of circumstances.  WordPress strikes the right balance between functionality and accessibility, furnishing professional results without a particularly strenuous learning curve. Not only does ease-of-use facilitate greater participation, but it also helps professional web designers communicate with clients, who are no longer left in the dark trying to understand how their websites work.  With little more than a brief tutorial, designers and their customers are speaking the same language, enabling them to refine successful Web campaigns.

Flexibility Appeals to Varied Users

Tools capable of serving a variety of functions are those most coveted in the kitchen and workshop, so it is only natural that the most flexible CMS is also going to win-out, in the end.  WordPress appears to have taken the crown for flexibility, drawing in bloggers as well as those seeking additional capabilities online.  The standard features included in the most recent versions of WordPress are enough to keep users satisfied, and updates continue to roll-out regularly, without signs of slowing.  Add the thousands of available WordPress themes, and creating distinct Web content is accomplished without a lot of fanfare.

Track Record a Decade Long

The only constant on the World Wide Web is change, so WordPress’ lengthy track record of success is comforting to users, who know the bugs have been worked out of the system along the way.  References for the effectiveness of WordPress are not hard to find, so it is easy to apply your own metrics to measure how various themes and WordPress approaches might perform for you.

Extensive Array of Plug-Ins

Expanding WordPress functionality is all but limitless with the widespread plug-ins available for enhancing and refining the way the platform addresses users’ needs. WordPress plug-ins have been devised for nearly every conceivable purpose, and many of them are offered free of charge.  Plug-ins addresses important areas like website performance optimization, analytics, security and provide various methods for backing up information uploaded to your WordPress site.  Additional plug-ins enhance SEO and offer user-specific benefits that help you maximize your web presence.

Developing a WordPress site is Inexpensive

Open source material like WordPress does not cost anything, so using standard features and free themes enables users to make significant statements online, without spending anything beyond the cost of a hosting account.  Even premium WordPress themes don’t push the cost out of reach, with many sites still weighing-in under one-hundred dollars. Prudent use of plug-ins is all that’s needed to expand WordPress capabilities, which include search engine optimization and easy ways to integrate social media.

WordPress has evolved into a highly flexible CMS, moving it to the head of the class for developers of all kinds.  Despite its powerful capabilities, the platform remains accessible and effective for diverse applications.  Powered by plug-ins, WordPress expands into an even more refined tool, enabling limitless customization and design enhancement.