WordPress 101

How to install WordPress theme

New to WordPress and don’t know how to install WordPress theme? No need to worry! Today in this tutorial, we will show the easy steps to find, install and activate WordPress theme. You don’t have to be a tech guru, little knowledge of computer and internet is enough. So, buckle up your seatbelt as we will be taking you to the special journey.

Finding a WordPress theme

There are thousands of free and premium WordPress themes in the web market. As a beginner, you probably don’t have any idea of free and WordPress themes and where to get one? If that is the case, then you will get the large pool of WordPress themes on WordPress directory like,

  • WordPress.org– Here you will get thousands of free WordPress themes. Download the one that fits your needs, and install it.
  • Themeforest.net– One of the most popular website directory to the premium WordPress themes. You need to purchase the theme.
  • Similarly, WordPress based companies like Codethemes, Yudlee Themes, Rara Theme, Themeisle and so on are also developing various features-rich and functional WordPress themes.

If you are confused about selecting the WordPress themes, then kindly go through our article of free or premium WordPress themes. Still confused, then feel free to mention it down in our comment section, we will gladly help you.

** We know it is very hard and time-consuming to select the best WordPress themes for your project. If that is the case, then you can visit our theme reviewing site, i.e WPreviewteam.com where we write a post about the best WordPress themes every week.

How to Install a WordPress Theme

Since you are already familiar with the WordPress theme, now it’s time to learn about the installation process.

Before that, you need to set up WordPress in localhost

For Free WordPress Theme

Step 1: Go to the Admin Dashboard>Appearance>Theme

How to install WordPress theme

It appears like this, 

Step 2: If you want to Add free WordPress theme from WordPress.org then click Add New>Search Themes>Install>Activate

How to install WordPress theme


You can download the theme from WordPress.org, or other WordPress theme developing website like Theme Furnance, Code Themes, Yudlee Themes, etc and so on. There, you will receive “Theme ZIP File Only”. You need to upload the “Theme ZIP” using Add New Theme>Upload Theme>Install Now

How to install WordPress theme

For eg here upload the “Theme Zip file of Ace Corporate”.

How to Install WordPress theme

After uploading and installing the WordPress theme, it appears like this, 

How to Install WordPress theme

Then go to Appearance>Themes>You will see the theme you have just downloaded>Activate it

How to install WordPress theme

For premium WordPress Theme,

First, you need to purchase and download the theme. You will get the premium WP themes from theme market like Themeforest.net, Code Themes, Yudleethemes and so on

Then, you need to upload the “Theme ZIP” file. Go to Appearance>Theme>Add New>Upload Theme>Choose the Theme ZIP file you have just purchased and downloaded>Install Now>Appearance>Theme>Activate the installed theme. (The process is the same as above). 


Voila, this is how you can install the WordPress theme. We have tried it to make simple as possible. Hope this step will guide you to install the WordPress theme for your project. If there is something we haven’t mentioned in this article, feel free to jot it in our comment section.