WordPress 101

How to install a Plugin in WordPress

Here you will learn to install a plugin in WordPress” which is an essential process to follow by every WordPress users. Different WordPress plugins provide varieties of additional functionalities to your website.

Before going through the whole process of Plugin installation, take a look at “how to install WordPress in localhost server”  and “how to install WordPress theme“.

What is WordPress Plugin?

Before jumbling with the whole process lets just know what Plugin is. Simply, Plugins are extended and the added functionality of WordPress. They are written in PHP programming language which integrates seamlessly in WordPress. The plugins enhance the core of WordPress with the custom functions and features through which a user can tailor their site easily.

Installation of  WordPress Plugin

Basically, there are two simple methods to install WordPress plugins. Those are:

    • By using WordPress Plugin Search
    • By using Plugin Upload

These are the very basic, easy steps that you will carry out in your own site. But first, you need to install WordPress in the server and setup/install a theme in order to create a website.

Using WordPress Plugin Search

Firstly you need to login to your WordPress site and go through the Dashboard options.


Navigate to “Plugins” and Click on Add New. Just after that go to the top right corner, there is a search bar. Enter the name of the WordPress plugin that you want to add. (for example, we have searched for Yoast SEO plugin – refer the following image.) After that, it shows the list of the plugin in the dashboard.

Just like the picture below.


Click Install Now and then activate. After the activating, it appears like this. Now you are ready to use the functionality of that particular plugin.


Using Plugin Upload


The second process is “Using Plugin Upload”. First and foremost, you need to download the required zip file of the plugin from wordPress.org. The next step is similar. Navigate to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. On the top, you will see “Upload Plugin option“, then click on it.


Upload the Plugin File which you have downloaded earlier. ( for eg: “Yoast SEO” ) Click on “Choose File” and then “Install Now“.


A message will appear in your screen as shown in the picture above. Click “Activate Plugin“. And You’re done.


So these are the basic procedures to “install/activate the Plugin in WordPress”. Hope this article will be helpful for you.