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Add Images in WordPress Using Media Library

To add images in WordPress you need to follow a few simple steps. The steps will be familiar and easy if you know WordPress Dashboard options. If not then it will be a bit difficult but don’t worry we will guide through it. So the very first thing to do will be the installation of WordPress in a server and activating theme as well as plugins.

In simple words, the WordPress Media Library is a virtual repository of media files such as images, videos, audio, etc. used in the website. The user can upload, manage or edit the media files. Generally, media files are uploaded and inserted as content either for posts or pages. And if the media files are not related to Post/Pages then Media Library is used.

Basically, there are 2 simple processes to add images in WordPress:

    1. Using Media Library
    2. Through Posts & Pages

Adding New Images in WordPress(Using Media Library)


After logging your WordPress Dashboard navigate to Media and click on “Add New”.

WordPress-Dashboard-Upload-New-Image-Media-Library-Code- Pixelz

Click on “Select Files“. The selected file will appear just like the picture below.


Note: Here, you can follow the same processes to add audio/video files.

WordPress-Dashboard-Images uploaded in WordPress Media Library, CodePixelz

You can see the uploaded media files in the Media Library as shown in the above picture.

Moreover, there is one another option to add images in Media Library. The “+” option found on the top of the Dashboard can also be used to add media files, click it. And choose the “Media” option. Then apply the same steps mentioned earlier.


As you can see here we showed you the guiding steps to follow while adding an image using WordPress Media Library.

Adding Images Via Post & Pages


Here you need to Navigate to Post and click on Add New if you are creating a new page. Provide the necessary title and texts in the post and Click the “+” and select the Image option as well.


Choose “Upload Option” if you want to select images from your desktop. Similarly, you can click on Media library or Insert from URL to add images directly.

Note: For adding image through Insert from URL option, it requires the URL of the image as in the screenshot below.


On the other hand, Adding an image in Page is similar to Posts. All you need to do is go to Pages>Add New and follow the same steps as mentioned earlier like in posts.

In this way, you can add images in WordPress using Media Library and through post & pages. Hope this article will help you.

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