WordCamp Europe 2017 is finally here. Here’s what to expect

Bonjour Mesdames et messieurs! WordCamp Europe 2017 is finally here and is happening this Thursday (15th of June) until Saturday (17th of June) in Paris, France. This is one of the biggest WordCamps along with WordCamp US. More than 2500 people are expected to be at the event, networking, contributing and having fun all around WordPress. While the regular tickets are sold out ( you would any way be late for the event, if you wanted to buy now :) ), Live streaming tickets are available and for free. You can also buy micro-sponsor ticket, if you would like to contribute to WordCamp Europe. By the way, if you still feel you can make it to the event, here are a few people selling their ticket due to their personal reasons.

Moving towards the detail of the event, the event will last for 3 days. The first of which, will be “Contributor’s Day“. This is where, people will be contributing to WordPress. What does this mean? This means on the 15th of June, around 500 people will be contributing to various aspects of WordPress that makes WordPress what it is right now. There will be sessions on WordPress.tv, core, theme review, JS, internationalization, accessibility and much more. Ideas will also be discussed and we can expect some solid, ideas getting through and then implemented sooner. Keep an eye on that. We shall have a post for that as well, here after the event is done and we have some info. The next two days will be session oriented. You can find the schedule here. These two days would be the best learning experience for most, as the event is set to have the Who’s who of the WordPress community talking and sharing their experience. Apart from that the 20 minutes gap between sessions, would also mean that you have more time to network. Here’s a little peek into who all will be speaking at the event.

A few topics, that I am personally interested to listen are “Improving WordPress Performance with XDebug and PHP Profiling by Otto Kekäläinen”,
People Over Code by Andrew Nacin, How WordPress Communities Are Built by Andrea Middleton and of course the interview with Matt. There are a lot of interesting topic and apart from that and you will definitely get to learn a lot from what will be presented on the event days.

Also something that is happening for the first time in WordCamp Europe would be the 2 days community summit, which will be happening on 13th and 14th of June. So, that is two days prior to WordCamp. This is the first community summit outside the US as well. You can find more about the topics that were decided for the summit here. For those, who do not know what a community summit is:

“The Community Summit is a small, discussion-based event where we hold face-to-face conversations about issues or subjects that are difficult to discuss online. This is not a Contributor Day for experienced folks only. We will gather to discuss major issues, not work on projects/tasks : it’s about solving hard problems to keep alive and move forward the project.”

There is also an app to help you around for WCEU2017. You have everything you need to know about it, right here, thank you Worona fro building this.

Also any WordCamps would be impossible about the awesome sponsors. While this means money to the community event to get things sorted and manage things, when every work-force is volunteering, what does this mean to the attendees? This means a lot of big companies to interact with. Find out what they are working on, and most of all SWAGs. If you are at the event, make sure you get a lot of them. If you collect a little more, you might as well ship some to us :).

At the end, what is a party without an after-party? The theme for this year’s after party is Paris in 1930’s. So there will be  a lot of interaction, powerful session, contributing and fun to end it all. If you are attending the event, we envy you :) , for those who aren’t, get your Live Streaming ticket and you will have as much fun. I have already got my ticket for the live streaming.