WCEU 2019 Contribution Day

This year WCEU 2019 Contribution Day is going to be held on the 20th June right before the main event. And this time, the theme review team will be lead by the Denis Žoljom aka @dingo_d along with Carolina Nymark aka @poena helping out with the reviews.

First, What is Contribution Day?

Basically, Contribution Day is a one-day event which happens before or after the main event (WordCamp). Here the numbers of volunteers contribute to WordPress, collaborate with other WordPress enthusiasts or contributors and learn about the different ways to participate in the project. Contribution Day happened all over the world, sometimes as standalone fixtures and sometimes partnered with WordCamp for further details, check out WCEU 2019 official Contribution Day page.

List of the projects for WCEU 2019 Contribution Day

The organizers have planned different projects and diving the small group that will be working on similar projects or tasks. Volunteers can select whichever provided task they are comfortable with.

The themereviewteam (TRT) has provided the excel sheet based on the projects they are working on. Based on that list, there are several other projects that contributors or volunteers can participate.

Theme Reviews

Here the contributors will be reviewing the themes. The reviewed themes will get a place into the theme archive on the WordPress.org. Contributors can pick a theme from the theme trac, but they should be able to check whether the theme is proper (no JS or PHP errors) and have fulfilled all the review requirements. You can follow the links to get started with the theme review. During an even there will be theme review expert to help out the contributors at the time of confusion and difficulties. Or you can simply jot down your query in the slack channel- there are lots of theme reviewer which will surely give you the applicable ideas to sort down your queries.

Theme Sniffer Plugin

This project is suitable for those who are into developing plugins using object-oriented PHP. You will get a list of open issues that you can contribute to.

Theme Sniffer is a plugin that uses custom sniffs for PHP_CodeSniffer that analyzes the theme and make sure that it meets the WordPress coding requirements. Similarly, it also checks your code against PHP version compatibility. It helps the theme developers to create better and issue free themes by tracking out the issues, It is also suitable for the theme reviewers to easily find the issues of the theme.

WPThemeReview coding standards

In this project, the volunteer will be using static code analysis in order to automate the code analysis part of the Theme Review Process.   Don’t have any knowledge to write the theme sniffs? Simply go to the open issues and search over the examples of the rules. Or you can take help from the Peter Booker wpdirectory.net

Theme Unit tests

Contributors can pick the issues from the open issues on the repo if you want to contribute with. In this project, you will be seeing the sample data of theme appearance after it got installed.

Theme Feature repository

Here, you will get to know about the process to handle admin notices, have unobtrusive links in the customizer, etc. Go to this repository if you have some knowledge regarding this.


The contribution registration is closed by now. If you wish to contribute to the above-listed projects, you are welcome any time. Just go to the #themereview channel on the Slack.

*** Don’t forget to take your laptop and your system must contain PHPMySQL, and Apache or Nginx. 

For more details visit here:- Preparing for WCEU 2019 contributor day