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7 Important Rules to Make Better Graphics for Beginners.

Graphic Designing such as retail graphics designing has been quite a hot trend as it is a timeless art that makes designing more interesting. Many young individuals are taking up graphic designing as a career option and if they can sincerely devote time and effort to this, success will follow their ways in the future.

But what is Graphic Design exactly?

According to Wikipedia, it is a technique of visual communication by which the graphic designers create visual concepts with the help of typography, illustrations, and photography to inspire, inform and captivate the customers.

What do Graphic Designers do?


They develop the entire layout and designs for numerous and varied applications like brochures, advertisements, magazines, and corporate reports. The origin of graphic designs can be traced back to the time the human race came into existence. The details of inscriptions and manuscripts can be found in the history of Rome, Japan, Middle East countries and many more which prove that graphic designs were popular even at that time. These designs do not mean that it has to be only through computer software, these designs can also be drawn as freehand pictures as were done in the past. It just needs to follow some simple graphic design rules. The Egyptians used to advertise their ruler Ptolemy, to the people by inscribing on a stone and named it “Rosetta Stone”. The Egyptians also developed papyrus on which they used to transcribe advertisements. There are distinct set of rules of design, that need to be followed by every designer to make their executions more elaborate and illustrative. From typography to using various colors, the list comprises of a few basic tips and graphic design guide that helps the designers for identifying the common errors and to banish them completely from their designs so that there does not exist a single trace of those errors.

Here are some of the graphic design ideas discussed, have a look at these.

Maintain consistency

You need to maintain the same consistency throughout the entire design is the first tip that every graphic designer should follow. Experts from graphically say that with a consistent format for all branded products, the customers will readily identify and relate to your advertisements. Having too many design options and abrupt color changes can create huge confusion that is in no way desirable for promoting the products.  If you want to learn graphic design online, you can go through the various sites and learn these basic tricks to make a strong presence in the digital world.

Watch and learn

As a beginner, there is no harm in watching and learning from others. Watching motion graphic tutorial can be of great help for the beginners who have just stepped into the digital world. But as you become a pro, you are expected to create out of the box designs that are in no ways similar to any single design. There are free minecraft banner designs online if you have a minecraft related project.

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Learn proper kerning

This is one of the important tips to be learnt by beginners. Kerning is the proper space adjustments between characters to ensure that space in between the characters are visually oriented and that it gives out a legible piece of text. The customers should be able to read what is written. Curly fonts and discord text color is fun to see but when a brand is to be endorsed these tricks do not help.

Maintain proper scaling and alignment proportions

Just as poor color can mar all your efforts and will eventually lead to a bad graphic design that is painful for the eyes, improper scaling, and poor alignment can also mar all your efforts. For beginners, it is better not to experiment with scales and sizes unless you are genuinely sure that it will work in your favor. A poorly executed design can spell disaster for your print ads or websites. Randomly placing designing elements on the page would make the page look messy rather than show your knowledge on designs. Do not overdo anything just to show your creativity.

Maintain proper hierarchy

This is an important lesson while you begin to learn graphic design. As a designer, you should understand which part holds more important and how to make that part obvious. According to an article on this site, the figures, colors or texts may be used to highlight the most important parts. For example, the main title should be written with large fonts and the subtitles underneath may be written with the same font but of a smaller size. Using color texts to highlight specific messages are also classic examples of maintaining hierarchy in fonts.

Use of grids

Though this is not mandatory but using grids in designs will deliver a cleaner and effective presentation. The designers can customize the grids and mold them to fit the specific designs that they want to create. However, adding lesser columns to the grids will lead to a more uniform design of your presentation. The after-effects beginner tutorials teach these simple designing hacks that can transform your designs from something very average into something that is truly commendable.

Never be scared of feedbacks

When you are starting something new you are prone to getting both negative and positive criticisms. Never lend a deaf ear to negative criticisms. Do not be scared of the fact that your ideas will be shot back and you will again be sent back from where you started off. Learning to accept criticisms is not an easy task but it is the key to transform you into a better and more successful designer in the future and this is what the tutorials for graphic designs for beginners teach.

Thus, like any other profession or discipline that comes with distinct rules, there are also distinct rules of designing that need to be followed by every designer whether he is a beginner or a pro. Though rules breaking are allowed but at least the designers should know the rules thoroughly so that they can break them without marring the actual essence of the rules. If you want to learn motion graphics, then follow these simple tips as discussed above.

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