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9 Super Awesome Criteria For Designing Wonderful Mobile Apps

It is hard to go wrong with a mobile application, yet the greatest parts of the applications that are created these days are imperfect at their core. When you are creating a versatile application, you need to get a few basic things about your application right to underpin its risks.

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There are 9 discriminating parameters that can make your application a great success. They are:


What to do for the Functionality of your mobile Application?

  •  Functionality is most crucial characteristic, as it is the pivot around where all other features revolve around.
  • Application, and all its feature sought to work superbly: buttons should get clicked easily, features of the applications have to work the way they have been said, game play ought to be smooth and without glitches.
  • The working of the application needs to be precisely similar with regards to the type of the phone if it is a Smartphone, phablet or even a tablet.
  • Having a compelling functionality will always make your application a better one amongst the rest.

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Define the value of your application

  • The application should have the capacity to serve their clients somehow or the other by offering them with some exceptional worth.
  • Your clients should know what type of value ought to end up clear to the clients what kind of worth is going to be given to them when they open the application.
  • The quality should not be covered inside the application, and the clients need not to be made to hold up to use that esteem.
  • The clients should feel compensated by the tangible or intangible value that has been added by the application.


Design of Your Application

  •  You must have read that your first impression is your last impression where your application should look like well crafted and high end software which people should think to try at least once.
  • Your application should look smooth and advanced.
  • The design of the application should look engaging your clients. Design and also add all your inherent plans needs to be high-definition, paying a little heed to what size of screen they are rendered on.


How User Friendly Your Application is?

  •  The interface of your application should be instinctive and simple to utilize, actually for naive application clients
  • The interface has to be simple. The menus and related options on the application has to be simple and easy to understand.
  • All the screens inside the application ought to be very basic, flawless and simple to have a look at; they should not be packed with a huge number of things


Hyper-specialization over robust usefulness:

  •  Instead of having a few features on the application, just a couple of specific and significant features should be given; and these specific features should not be difficult to spot and utilize.
  • The Hit Area (like buttons and some other clickable region) should have the ideal size to fit all thumb sizes.


How Customizable is the App?

  •  Clients always want for some level of flexibility to customize the application or its settings according to their tastes.
  • These customization choices should have to be compelling, yet they should not overwhelm the usefulness of the application.
  • An application can incorporate choices like changing the skin, color and different parts of the application.


Downloading and Accessing Speed of the Application

  •  The application should open quickly, without taking much time to load.
  • The movements in the introduction should be utilized cleverly. They should be short and engaging, should load quick, and should be able to pass on the message without making the client hold up to get to the application.
  • The application should be bursting quick when in operation. Move in between the distinctive pages and should be consistent. Any delay in stacking pages can turn off most of your clients and can bring about the application getting disposed of over the long run.
  • While waiting for loading the pages, users should be shown animated indicators in place of any blank display screen. This will keep your clients delighted while passing on the message that the application is working out of sight.


Make your Application Unique. It is important.

  •  Regardless of the possibility that you are not ready to convey on all your promises but still you  can make the application download worth the trouble for the clients
  • Your application should have one unique quality, which would make it intriguing and thus a necessity.
  • The best case to legitimize the incorporation of this parameter would be the game application Flappy Bird
  • Flappy Bird opposed everything that was contemporary with portable application games. Vintage visuals with pixelated representation, disgorged recipe of avoiding obstructions, an apparently hard amusement focused around a straightforward thought that dated over to the 80s feature games. In any case, in an ocean of comparable applications with high-definition illustrations and complicated video games, it stood clearly out and hence it succeeded.


Off-Line Capabilities of your Application

  •  Make your application independent to a certain degree by supplying it with some offline capacities. This will guarantee that your application is not totally subject to a internet.
  •  These offline features will make the clients more interested and they will come back to your application and won’t make it totally unusable without a system signal.
  • These offline capabilities will guarantee you continuous use of your application.


Social Media Integration

  •  To make your applications loved by all and self sustaining, do not forget to add major social media sites into it.
  • This will make it possible for your application clients to propose the application share about their accomplishments on the application to their loved ones over a prevalent stage, giving your application a greater scope.
  • It will thus improve the visibility of your app and will enhance the possibilities of your application discovery.
  • At the end, it will help you pick up some attraction among people that are generally out of your range.

Keep these 9 major points in mind while designing a Mobile application and you will be able to design a successful and appealing mobile application for your customers and users.