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8 Most Important Things Web Designers Usually Miss While Launching a Website

Web designers are very much focused on their work when they design websites. They keep check on every minor thing while designing their projects but generally wheat happen is they miss certain things when they decide to launch a website. Designing and launching a website are two different things. So the way you focus on your work while designing you have to be serious in the same way when you launch your website. Let us have a look at some of the common mistakes that Web designers make while launching their website.


    1. Setting up your Google Analytics
      Google analytics is not very necessary but it is considered as one of the best analytical software’s. This tool is very much essential for increasing the growth of your visitors that are specific to your website and this will also help you them to gain a general understanding to check how many people have visited your website, how many page views and various other things over a specific period of time.


    1.  Testing for Cross Browsers
      They design their website and launch it. But most of the time, web designers forget to check their website on all internet browsers, making sure that the website is working excellently. Not every user uses the same browser. They have many options to go with, and after all, it is their choice where to browse a website. So as a web designer, you have to make sure that your website works equally well on all the major browsers. This web design company Omaha, will help you in every single step to make your website perfectly created.


    1. Testing for Mobile Devices
      It has become a necessity that your website should be accessible on mobile. More than 95% of population uses their smart phones for accessing internet and various websites. Hence it is important for you to design a responsive website to make its reach global. Very few people like to browse a website using their laptops but mostly like to access it through their smart phones.
    2. Check for 404 Error
      You might not know that your website is having broken links and you forgot to check this thing before launching your website. It is not easy to set up your broken links but it is easy to set up a 404 Error page for that broken link page making your users sure that this page is no more alive.


    1. Meta Descriptions
      These are a part of SEO and are very important for your website. Every webpage is provided with a short meta description describing that page that help search engines in searching your website and displaying it independently when a user writes a relevant keyword in the search engine.


    1. Fav Icon
      Well this is something which is overlooked most of the times while web designing. This fav icon is important because it majorly brands for your business. The main purpose of this fav icon is when people are performing multi browsing, they generally forgot the name of your company unless until it is offering something highly unique. So they can reach easily while multi browsing.


    1. Adding Site Map Is Crucial
      By adding a site map directory to your root folder, you will help your website to index your website with the search engines. Once you are indexed with the search engines, you can get a very huge amount of web traffic to your website. Thus improving the rankings of your website and making it a huge success.


    1. Valid HTML
      Valid HTML is very much similar to general HTML that validates by W3C. Having a well written HTML code will help them to understand the HTML code really well. Valid HTML is considered as a good practice for web designer code and adds professionalism to them which validates your website for a good search engine optimization (SEO).


These are the eight things that a Web Designer generally forget while launching their websites. Ignoring any of the above can lead to your website failure. Keep all things in mind if you really wish to get fantastic results.