Web Design

4 Important Aspects that affect overall UX

You might have got some great pieces of content and probably have done thorough research to understand some aspects of designing that can help you create a captivating visual appeal to a website. But, do you think that this would be sufficient enough to ensure a successful website. And, when a viewer lands on a website, they instantly develop some feeling at their first observation, which could be positive or negative.

In true manner a successful website is one that generates a positive, welcoming feeling to its viewers. To hold visitor’s interest and to encourage them to return, you will need to focus on some aspects while designing the site.

For the folks who have made their mind and are interested in creating a worthy website, here are a few of the designing aspects ensuring which you can make strives in the correct direction.

  1. Ensure precise and quality content
    It is true that content drives a website design, but, the websites fluxed with content and a lot of content, represented in a huge clutter will surely create anxiety and deliver an unpleasant user experience. Understanding the fact that users visit a website in the search of certain information, it is imperative to make the content as precise and easily readable as possible. So that, visitors can locate the relevant information with utmost ease. On the contrary, if the content is not kept in an organized fashion, it will frustrate the visitors, which can even even risk your business.
    Moreover, the quality of content represents your business. If it is not good enough to hold their interest and expectation, they won’t like to do business with you.


  1. Appealing Text with minimal Typography
    There is no dearth of typefaces, and luckily with the advancement like CSS3, you can insert a desirable type on your website.
    This aspect includes the entire look and feel of the text. Font type, font size, everything must be well defined and cross checked before implementation. The type faces appear great when they are used well in an appropriate space. To maintain the professionalism of the website, it is recommended to go with some professional fonts like Times New Roman, and for informal content you may use some other clean font.


  1. Keep it easy on the eyes with an uncluttered layout
    Well-organized content must be the paramount of any website design. However, the uncluttered layout “white spaces” are not to be ignored.
    The white space on a website refers to the empty area of the page where there is no content or visual element placed. This white space plays a crucial role for web designs, as they act as the resting space (since it offers a visual break to the viewers), that is the place where visitors can rest. It generates an eye-soothing effect to the viewers and allows them to conveniently traverse through the site and find the requisite piece of information.
    You can often observe these white spaces in the region between things and margins. Moreover, this aspect also adds minimalism to your web design, which is extensively is in trend currently and this also helps keep the chaotic visual appeal at bay.
    Hence, it is advisable to contribute some time in evaluating the available screen space and organizing the content and other UI elements accordingly while ensuring an ideal web design with adequate spacing. Don’t forget to keep things simple and intuitive to make viewers realize that you respect their valuable time.


  1. Represent a balanced blend of colors
    Colors usually define the brand or visual identity of an entity, and the usage of colors is vitally important and can substantially affect the user experience (UX).
    As per the current web trends, you can observe that neutral colors dominate the usage of other colors on the screen. These neutral colors include simple and elegant hues of whites, blacks and grays. A white or any other light color background is a more viable option than any color (including the brand color), as it will represent the content and other visual elements in a better and easy-to-read fashion. Also, it will play a similar as that by white space in the design.
    Every color has some meaning and create a certain impact on the viewer, for instance, Gray is a neutral color that appears modern and clean, but more of it could create an unattractive and cold image too. Likewise, Black represents a professional and clean appeal, but access usage of it can rather generate a generic look and feel.

Hence, it’s very essential to pick a correct combination of color while making their optimal usage, while not leaving your brand colors behind.

By blending all the aforementioned web designing aspects in an absolute fashion, you can definitely create a successful website that will generate positive vibes to the viewer’s and hold their interest.