Web Design

10 Amazing Tips for Creating a Wonderful Web Design

Everybody wants to create a website but nobody knows how. It is important for you to visit a professionals website designer when you are getting designed a website for your company. These companies are stuffed with a team of highly experienced web designers who are skilled and experts in designing websites for any type of company.

But still if you know some basics of graphic designing and want to design your website yourself then here are some useful Website Design Tips that will help you in creating a wonderful website.


When working with Graphics

  1. Think unique and small: When you are planning to design a website you have to think in a different way that nobody else is thinking. Think a bit different from the rest of the world, no matter if it is on a small level but important is its uniqueness.
  2. Wise use of graphics: Always choose graphics that relate to your website. When you are using images and pictures that are not even related with what you are selling or want to introduce to your customers then all your images and website would be a waste.
  3. Make use of clean and HD images: Do not make use of images that are blurring or are not clear in any way to the audience. Images are the only way to attract first look and if there is something which is making picture a dull image then it won’t be able to keep your visitor to your website for longer time.


When working with the Layout

  1. Always use standard layouts: People generally think of using layouts that look cute or different but they do not understand that simplicity is always considered as the best for a website owner as well as for the visitors. This is the major reason that 3 layout designs are more common as compared to all other.
  2. Do not forget white space: Just like the content on your website, white space too holds a lot of importance. When you fill your website with content and images, do keep in mind that you have to balance it equally with the white space in order to design a well optimized website.


When working with the Fonts

  1. Use fonts that are easy to read: Yes, you have to provide your readers with the fonts that are neat and clean and are easy to read and understand. For this you can use Calibri font. It is the best one for representing your website. If you want to divide the page in headings and sub-headings you can use ‘Serif’ for headlines and ‘Sans-Serif’ for text. This will also distinguish your main content from the rest and will be read easily by your visitors.
  2. Try to write in points: When you are describing services, try to write in points or mark the with bullet points so that it should look well organized. This makes it easy for your readers to go through all the services at once but if you write everything in a paragraph, nobody will bother to read that mess.


When advertising on your website

  1. Don’t act greedy: When you have space on your webpage and you have number of ads to work with then do not be greedy. Place only a few ads on the webpage because placing too many ads would make your page look dull and people will get shifted to the other website instead of browsing yours.
  2. Treat all your ads like any other image on your website: When placing ads, use them just like any other image on your website. Just because you have many you cannot place too many. Be in limit so that it should not make your website look like a mess.
  3. Always keep in mind: Your Readers: Your readers are the most important part in the success of your website as well as your business. So whenever you are doing anything on your website always keep in mind that what impact it is going to leave on your readers. Think of such questions and then go on with the changes you want to make. A good website design is always treasured.