Steps to increase ranking of website in Google Search Ranking

To increase Ranking of website in Google Search ranking is everyone’s goal. It was one of my goals too. For the past few months, I tried to increase ranking of website in Google Search Ranking. I carried out research over and over. Read blogs and articles related to SEO, Google Search Ranking, Website Optimization. Believe me, I examined every possible way to increase ranking of website in google search ranking. I realized that I need to apply more SEO strategies and tactics to increase ranking of website in Google Search Ranking. After taking a class from, I applied those plans on our website. And the result is pretty good.
So, without further delay, below there are steps to increase ranking of website in Google Search ranking.

Site audit

Increase Ranking of Website in Google Search Ranking

Doing Site Audit over and over is not hard. But it is important to audit your site twice a year. You might be thinking why this step is necessary when you took care of every matter while crafting a website. More importantly, site audit helps to find out the problem with your site and your plans to achieve goals. There are various tools on the internet such as Open Site Explorer, SEMrush and so on. These tools help to identify your each and every problems, traffics, numbers of backlinks, meta tags, error pages and duplicate contents.

Likewise, you need to update yourself on the current trends and strategies. So that you can imply those SEO techniques right after conducting Site Audit. Because with the help of site audit you can easily detect the position of your site.


Increase Ranking of Website in Google Search Ranking, Keyword Research

SEO is all about getting a website position on the first page of Google. There is only one thing that will help you to increase ranking of website in Google Search Engine. And that is “Keyword.” To set the keyword, it is important to understand the user intended search queries. One searcher search query may vary with other or may be the same. That’s why before writing a content firstly you need to know who are your customers. Then only you can set the perfect keyword and content that helps to improve site’s ranking.

There are 3 types of search queries:-

Transactional queries- Here people usually search the internet when they intend to purchase a stuff from online. Here people can do certain transactions. For instance, buying a mobile from online store or downloading a song from iTunes.  

Know or informational queries- Sometimes users google to seek information about certain matters and the matter could be anything. Such as best WordPress Education theme, popular clothing store in UK, or who is the President of USA. 

Go or navigational queries- In this type of search queries users look after the specific website. Such as facebook, youtube, certain university page and so on. 

After knowing the users’ search queries, start doing keyword research (Importance of Keyword Research).  Take a help of tools like SEMrush, Keyword Explorer,, Google Trends. Then, list all the possible keywords in the google spreadsheet and determine the main keyword from it. And the remaining possible keywords, try to insert them in your content. Keep in mind that you should never overstuff a keyword in the content, or else Google will penalize your site. Try to make your keyword more natural and more accurate.

Likewise, always create long tail keywords rather than short tail keywords. Visitors are actually using the long tail keywords to search on the internet. It also supports the conversion rate. So it’s necessary to select keyword match type before writing a content, So you need to give special attention to the match keywords to make your project more successful. 

Four types of Keywords Match:

Let’s simply understand it an example. Suppose I am going to write a content on “Keyword Research”

  • Exact Match Keyword– Keyword Research
  • Phrase Match Keyword– Keyword Research in SEO
  • Board Match Keyword– Importance of Keyword Research in SEO
  • Zero Match Keyword– What is SEO?

It will be better if you use Board Match Keyword and Phrase Match Keyword in your campaign. Because two keyword match types more common and natural as most of the people search based on these. Similarly, it grabs the attention of the searchers as it targets huge numbers of visitors.


Increase Ranking of Website in Google Search Ranking

Other important steps to increase ranking of website in google search ranking. The deeper your content the more convenient for Google to crawl and index your blog. On the basis of your content, Google will rank your site. We can also say that the content is a type of marketing strategy. That’s why you must write a content which captures the attention of people and Google. Likewise, the headline of the content must be relevant to the article. This is one of the main reasons for getting fewer numbers of traffic. And the remaining ones, I guess they don’t want to come back to your site either. 

Similarly, you need to take care of content section as well. What if the content section does not match to your particular blog section category. In that case, your visitors might switch back to other sites without reading your content. Has your content been able to quench the thirst of your users’ search queries? If yes, it will help to increase the traffic to your site. If not, then you need to upgrade your content as soon as possible.

Link Building

Increase Ranking of Website in Google Search Ranking

One important factor that you must not forget if you really want to increase ranking of website in Google Search Ranking is Link Building. Like keywords, link building is also one of the core factors of page rank. There is one saying “let the world know your name”. Link building grants you this opportunity. You need to find the site or the company who is willing to cooperate with you. 

But before building a link to the specific site, it is necessary to carry out a research. Firstly, you need to track down their strategies and trace out their backlinks. You can take a help from keywords tools like Semrush,, and open site explorer. Only after that, you will be able to know whether the site beneficial for us or not. If yes, then start making contact with them through private chats, sponsorship, slack, blog comments and so on.  You can also reach them through social media as it is the most usable platform for link building. 

Increase Ranking of Website in Google Search Ranking

Reverse image search (Google reverse image search, picture above) – This is one the easiest method of link building. Simply copy and paste your content’s image or URL in the Google Search bar. It figures out all web pages that are using your image. If the site is relevant to your content or their content is relevant to your site. Then you must not waste a minute to ask for the backlinks.

3 basic types of link acquisitions:

Natural or editorial links- 

When a site owner naturally provides the links when they found out that your content is relevant to theirs. In this type of link acquisition, both parties don’t have to take any specific action.

Manual outreach link building

The SEO expert builds a link by emailing the site owners or the bloggers. Sometimes you pay a certain amount for a site listing to the directories. Here you have to explain the motive and reason behind the link building request.

Self-created, non-editorial

Not only us, but there are several other websites that are looking for link opportunities. They are offering us the possibilities to create a link through different channels like blog comments, forums, community, social media and much more. There are thousands of websites which are giving every possibility to create the link. But you need to be careful as these types of links are often spammy and has the lowest value.

Anchor Text

Increase Ranking of Website in Google Search Ranking

Anchor Text is the clickable link, called backlink or hyperlink, which redirects to another site. This is one of the parts of link building to increase Ranking of Website in Google Search Ranking. There is one misconception regarding the anchor text. We usually think that anchor text is used for redirecting to other relevant web pages. So that we could generate a ranking. No doubt, this is true. But the hidden fact is it also helps search engine to discover the topic of the webpage. That’s why it is necessary to include the right keyword in the anchor text. Therefore, there are certain rules to apply the anchor text in the content. Likewise, the anchor text that you have mentioned in the content must be related to the particular webpage. Let’s see which method is effective to increase our site page rank.

Types of Anchor Text in Content 

Exact match-

In this type, the anchor text matches exactly to the keyword that you are trying to create a backlink and ranking in the search engines. Suppose the exact match anchor text of the page is “Keyword Research” hyperlinked to having the Keyword Research as a keyword.

Partial Match-

In this type of anchor text, one word of the keyword of the link matches to anchor text of the page. For example, the keyword of the link is keyword Research and after reading the content you would be able to know what the content is about. So the partial match anchor text will be Importance of Keyword Research or Process to carry out keyword research. This anchor text helps to generate more visibility of the page or link.

Zero match-

Here the anchor text of the page does not mention the keyword of the hyperlink. For example, click here, more text, view more and so on.

Now that main part, which type of anchor text is appropriate to use? Let’s get straight to the points. Partial Match Anchor Text is good. Whereas, Exact match anchor text and Zero Match Anchor text are bad. Because Partial match anchor text is more natural and more accurate.

Meta Information

Increase Ranking of Website in Google Search Ranking

Meta Information is the Meta Description of the content. It is the summary of the webpage. But it must be robust enough to grab the attention of the readers. If they found their queries in the meta description I am 100% sure that they will visit your webpage without any second thought. It must give a quick answer to the readers. 

3 methods to write the meta description-

  • If you wrote meta information which gives the quick answer to user search queries, it gives 63% answer to the readers. 
  • If your meta description is in numeric and bullet form, then it is able to give 19 % answer to the visitors. 
  • When you write a meta description in table format, then it gives 16% answer to the searchers. 

Since Meta Description is the advertisement of a content then, you must optimize it to increase ranking of website in Google search ranking. So here are some possible ways:-

  • Maximizing the length of the meta description. So it must be between 50-300 characters. 
  • You can look at your competitor’s snippet area, apply same tactics to your meta information as well but in the more refined way.
  • Always try to give answers which are more accurate and more complete.
  • If you have to carry out research then, go to Google Trusted sites.
  • You have to keep ourselves away from spammy links. As Google will not wait to penalize you.

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