Keyword research-Why it is important and how to do it?

The time now is so, that whatever the content be we seek help from different websites. From our course book to the online store, from health related to matrimony. Well, it has really made our life effortless. But what about the website owner who is readily available to take care of our needs every way possible. They need to take care of every minor to major details. Their main aim is to showcase their products to visitors/customer as much as possible. And there is a bridge between them which has played a vital role to develop the growth of the website. The bridge is known as keyword. Some of you are familiar with the term and some are not.

What is keyword research?

Basically, Keyword and rank tracker is such word which people type while searching in any search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo! Search and so on). Suppose, when you type word “piano” in the search option then you’ll get piano stores, piano tutorial and so on. This is how Keyword optimizes the website for its visitors. Keyword is the base of SEO, which can be monitored by seo reporting software. So, the website owner should carry out keyword research and trace out the perfect keyword for fastening the search engine traffic. Powerful and excellent Keyword is the one which paves the path of your content and earns money. You can only earn money when there is an increment in the number of both search traffic and sales. Therefore, you need to put yourself in reader’s shoes and carry out keyword research on what really they use to search on the internet.

Why is keyword research important?

Getting highest rank in search engine position is every website owner’s wish. This is about SEO.

Firstly, Keywords research easily lets your content flow in the direction you have wanted. When you find out the perfect keyword then you can easily publish content.

Secondly, it helps to accumulate more numbers of readers. You will get to know the reader’s concern and provide a solution in a jiffy.  If you implement perfect keyword in your content then they are more likely to return back to your products time and again. Moreover, good customers refer your brands to other as well. In this way a good keyword research is necessary.

Furthermore, more visitors from search engine means more income. You need to apply keywords which are exceedingly effective for your business. No doubt, it increases sales of your business. You could also get web design for local websites to publish your content.

Likewise, If you don’t use keywords that audience are searching for, how can you escalate search traffic? We already know that keyword boosts SEO. After following keyword research, you can simply select the perfect keyword which optimizes your site and increases your site’s search engine rank position.

In addition to getting better rank on search engines, you need to surpass other online rivals as well. It is only, achievable if you optimize your content with superb keyword. You can also go to their site and generate keyword tactic policies thoughtfully.

Finally, another best strategies to get higher rank in SERP is using long tail keywords. As we know that, long tail keywords help to catch the audience mind and enhance your business. Most of the site don’t practice long tail keywords. That’s why, those sites are way behind in ranking position. Make a habit of using long tail keyword. So, you can expand your search traffic quickly. For example, ‘Best homemade remedies for headache.’

That’s why it is important to operate keyword research while starting your website. As you have already read the possibilities and result of good keyword research and after practicing it.

SEO, Keyword Research

Why is WordPress forward to implement Keyword research?

While WordPress itself is built to be SEO friendly, There are a lot of plugins that help make a moer SEO friendly site. For instance, SEO Smart Links, SEO by Yoast, WordPress SEO.

The themes that are available have a lot of SE friendly theme, again helping you build a SE friendly site.

How to do keyword research?

We went through what is keyword and importance of keyword research. We now look into tools that will help us find the right keyword for our site.

Google Keyword Tool

One of the topmost keyword research tool of all time. It is very user-friendly. All you need to do is add seed keyword. On the basis of global and local monthly researches, Google fetches out the number of relevant keywords.


Another great choice for keyword tool if you are looking for other analysis as well. It has impressive keyword analysis module. It improves SEO with its features like link analysis, competition, keywords, rank tracking and so on. More importantly, their keyword analysis element tracks down search volume and keyword complexity score. In this way, that score finds out the ranking position on Google.

Long Tail Pro

Another great keyword tool which traces out the keyword competitiveness score. And in return, it provides rankable keywords. Likewise Long Tail Pro has view metrics function which regulates page strength, domain strength, indexed URLs, site age and more. It calculates the profitability of Keyword.


Now you have analyzed that SEO and keyword are not complicated tasks. Well, it’s quite complex in the beginning but once you accomplish keyword research, then everything will go with the flow. All you need is to gain trust from your targeted customers. This is how you can stay focus on your content.