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Ten things about online marketing you should know in 2017

Every business has an end goal. In 2017, marketing practice of world has taken a huge shift. We have seen a tremendous growth in online marketing practices over the last couple of years, such as the utilization of sites like youtube market. Online Marketing is all over now. YouTube has become the number one video-watching site on the web and millions of people around the globe visit YouTube every day to view videos. Why not learn how to monetize youtube channel here?

There are ten things about online marketing that one can’t ignore if you want to drive more traffic or better conversion. Increasing mobile internet penetration and use of local search engine have made life easier for consumer as well as marketer. Let’s talk about most important ten things about online marketing that all small and large business should consider for their marketing strategy.

1. Your online presence matters:

Doesn’t matter if it is for tech or financial advisor marketing. In the first place, personal and company brand name is essential. Marketing today starts with your story. As a matter of fact, your success depends on the brand you build, the presence you create. Several campaigns are running for different demographic. A story is told, liked and shared through different mediums like social media, website, forums, and active groups. This builds your brand and company reputation in a market. Hence, results in your brand recognition.

2. Personalization and Engagement:

Gone are those marketing days where gadget ads are shown to non-techie, people only buy a product when they are more personalized to them. Today everyone is buying something but they don’t want to be sold. What does that mean? That means newsletter, email marketing campaign, remarketing campaign, seasonal offers that keep your target audience engaged is the marketing that’s in today. This kind of customization goes beyond including the first name in a marketing email. Also, it requires your marketing efforts to address consumer behaviors, spending habits, device preferences, time zones, and languages. There are tons of ways to personalize and engage them that converts them to a customer.

3. Data Analytics, Google Analytics, and User Insight:

No online marketing campaign is successful without correct spreadsheet of data or Google analytics results. Every website collects data, online campaign, advertisement, Search Engine Advert pulls data. This is the biggest reason digital marketing is growing bigger every day and leaving behind old traditional marketing methods. Surprisingly, your user behavior determines your user engagement and your end results. A lot of brands use different marketing channel like TV, Old traditional ads like a magazine, Billboard. Only Online marketing gives you detailed results in user insight and Google analytics. Hence, Investing in understanding these metrics will help you grow your business.

4. Mobile Optimization:

Mobile will soon completely dominate the desktop. Over 50% of all Internet users are now operating mobile devices. If you haven’t made your site responsive, content optimized, images and email formatted according to tablet and mobile phones. You are losing out customer engagement. As these devices offer up smarter, faster, and more intuitive information it will help in SEO, which now is basically everything. Mobile search and mobile optimization should, therefore, be the top priority for online marketing in 2017.

5. Influencer Marketing:

It’s the digital word of mouth concept with no risk attached. There haven’t been a better time than now to get into social media and leverage it to the fullest. All the different SM platform that offers unique content in all SM has its own significance in advertising. If someone’s favorite celebrity or blogger promotes a product in Instagram, he/she is much more inclined to trust that endorsement. It’s that’s effective. Social Influencer diversify, specialize and grow a community straightaway and instantly.

6. Search Engine optimization:

SEO is worth your time and money. Are you mobile friendly? Because Google will penalize you if you are not. Google has already repeated how mobile friendliness now adds to a site’s SEO score. On Page and off page SEO both plays crucial role in search ranking. You don’t want to lose out because you aren’t rank on 1st page for the popular keyword. Analyze keyword with seo tools. You need a ton of very specific content to get good search traffic in Google. Transform your brand’s footprint through Amadeus Consulting‘s comprehensive web design and development solutions.

7. Smart tools for small business:

Buffer, Zoho mail, Semrush, trello, slack, so on and so forth. 2017 is about working smart using these smart tools. Most of these tools will not only help to make your online marketing smooth and better. It will also help you stay organize for other important game. Social media marketing is not as difficult as it sounds, especially when you rely on tools like Hootsuite. Similarly, Trello a great organization tool that can help you and your online marketing team. Also, don’t foget that your internet connection is a tool for your business. Invest in a reliable internet connection. You can click here to learn more about EATEL Business.

8. Social Integration in blogs:

Social Media has changed how we market to our consumer. Integrating social media to consumer journey of decision-making builds trust with the company. Integrating it with our online marketing and content marketing strategy not only gives exposure to our brand but also helps to develop deep loyalty if strategies with a good content. Don’t make a mistake to publish same content in the same format to all channel. Put in some effort to understand that same content can be distributed in all channels in respect to the audience with different formats which significantly will be more appealing to a specific audience.

9. Live video and video marketing are future:

Popular Blog Hubspot mention that in the year 2017 48% marketers are adding YouTube to their content distribution channel. Similarly, statistics from google 2016 says that almost 50% of user look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. It is important to realize that the video is a future of marketing. People consume video content thoroughly. Statistics says consumer demo videos are equally helpful. Think quality over quantity.

3d product render separates your marketing team from the production team. This means the marketing team can push through with their campaign instead of waiting for the production to come up with the final prototype. This will save your business money and time, especially when the prototype needs numerous revisions.

10. Good Strategy:

Many companies leveraging Social media, Google Ad words, Email Marketing campaign and investing huge money. Having a right strategy in a place determines campaign success sooner or later. Campaigns that are well planned and executed with deep analysis will surely make a difference. A good strategy not only includes personal branding, company branding, awareness campaign, lead generation campaign video marketing through the Facebook live stream, YouTube but also conversion rate optimization.

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