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Android Silver – Understanding it inside out

Google has always been delivering bigger and better products to its global customer base. The company has introduced some of the finest devices that offer users an easy access to high-end hardware and a great Android experience. Over the recent years, Nexus has been Google’s answer to the leading smartphone manufacturers located all over the world. Although Nexus have never been ranked as the best selling smartphones, they have served as a gentle reference for everything that Android can offer.   Regarded as Google’s next-gen line of high-performing Android devices, Android Silver was supposed to replace Nexus. Although  the Android Silver plan was never confirmed by the search engine giant, it has been claimed that the idea of releasing Nexus 6 has been dumped in the process. If you’re an Android fan and want to learn more about Android Silver then keep on reading as I’ve covered some interesting insights for you.


Google and Android device makers shared different views on Android Silver plan

Reports reveal that Google always wanted the OEMs(Original Equipment Manufacturers) to participate in the Android Silver project but it didn’t happen as expected. The sole reason for this being that the Android handset manufacturers had a different perception regarding the launch of Android Silver devices. They were not tempted by the idea of reducing fragmentation via less-customized Android gadgets. Moreover, Android apparatus creators were also against the initiative of allowing app developers to build a single version of operating system instead of multiple versions. Well, finally, it was the lukewarm response received from device manufacturers which resulted in postponement of Android Silver plan. Check this post about electronics manufacturing solutions to learn more .


Analysts point towards Google’s plan to re-brand Nexus via its Android Silver program

A wide group of analysts believe Android Silver to be Google’s drive for re-branding Nexus. Backed by plans of offering more services as compared to the ones available with Nexus devices, Google definitely has great opinions about its Android Silver project.

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Android Silver- Assumed as Google’s attempt to directly target Apple in the US smartphone market

Although Android phone sales outpower iPhones in the US, Google has been making continuous efforts to grow its consumer count. Reports also uncover that Android Silver could have been Google’s attempt for targeting Apple in the US market. It is being considered that with Android Silver, Google has shown its inclination towards bringing Android’s expensive handsets under a consolidated banner of user experience and branding.


With Nikesh Arora quitting Google, Android Silver project is assumed to have been scrapped

Nikesh Arora, the former chief architect at Google was the one who actually saw the company’s partnership with leading Android device manufacturing company and wireless carriers. Now that Mr. Arora has left Google, there’s no one who can boost the Android Silver program and get it going.


Rolling out Android Silver might unify Android operating system

Image 3Ever since Android was being introduced, Google has been asking Samsung and other Android gizmo makers to release the latest versions of operating system on time. A majority of analysts think Android Silver to be Google’s  approach for ensuring timely upgrades to Android operating system. One of the biggest reasons that refrain enterprises from choosing Android is the availability of numerous Android versions. It is being predicted that the launch of Android Silver will lead to unification of Android versions. With Google being thoroughly sensitive to the need for an updated operating system, Android Silver would mainly work as the best option for people who can afford expensive Android smartphones/smart tablets. Plus, the end users who aren’t bothered much by the add-on apps or the Android version won’t embrace Android Silver devices wholeheartedly.


Android Silver will mark an end to one-manufacturer, one-device approach

Unlike the case of Nexus devices where Google worked with a single manufacturer on per year basis, Android Silver will be open for any manufacturer. That means, dozens of Android Silver devices would be produced on a per annum basis, offering users a wide choice of affordably-priced smartphones.


Final Thoughts

While Google isn’t quite confident about the launch of its first series of Android Silver smartphones and tablets, it’s likely that we’ll get to embrace a whole range of Nexus devices in the year ahead. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!! May be Android Silver will reach us in this year 2015.