WordSesh is only a week away!!

WordPress developers are you ready to join the adventure as WordSesh is happening on May 22, 2019. WordSesh is a virtual conference with WordPress enthusiasts from around the world gather together to share their knowledge and ideas. Good news for those who are planning to attend the conference live as they will be able to watch all the session absolutely free. Thanks to Pantheon.

Meet the Speakers

Altogether there are 14 speakers, who will be bringing various topics related to WordPress, Agile Marketing with Pantheon, SEO and so on. You will get the details of the topic below.

Schedule For the Event

There are 17 sessions. Obviously, so many things to see and learn in a one-day event. Every session brings a valuable lesson and perspective to the table, so I think it’s important to watch them all.

Below are the list of the topics. You’ll find the full session descriptions and the scheduled times in your timezone on the WordSesh homepage.

The first four topics are pre-recorded and quite unique than the remaining ones. You can take it as “Asynchronous Business Workshop” and designed in such a way that those who are most in need of this advice can simply make time at some point during the day to watch these. They are:-

  • Overdelivering: The Art of Exceeding Customer Expectations
  • Choosing to Enjoy the Ride: 3 Ways to Embrace the Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster
  • GutenBOOM: How being first to market powered most of my year
  • The Rhythms of Remote Teams

The remaining 13 topics will be presented live and make your you manage time for them.

  • Selling WordPress to Enterprises
  • WordPress Acceptance Testing: SOLVED
  • Agile Marketing with Pantheon
  • Happy Browser, Happy User
  • Learning from Success
  • Supercharge your WordPress Site With Gatsby
  • Setting Up Continuous Integration
  • Powerful WordPress Workflows for VSCode
  • What’s next for Pantheon?
  • Headless WordPress and React
  • Accessible Patterns from the Ground Up
  • Win Clients & Customers Through Stellar Support
  • SEO for Freelancers

If you can’t make it on May 22nd, Wednesday, then don’t worry. You can watch the recording of every session. All you need is to be a member of WP Sessions. Hurry up to get the sweet WordSesh-only discount.

Watch With Your Friends

If you don’t want to watch alone, join with the friends and watch WordSesh together at a local viewing party. List of all the viewing parties that WordSesh has declared.

What’s so exciting about WordSesh?


This year the lucky one will get the all-new Nintendo Switch and a sweet Pantheon care packageNo purchase necessary. **You must attend the live broadcast to enter, but you do not need to be present during the drawing to win. The drawing will be held live, immediately following the What’s Next for Pantheon session, at approximately 2:40 am.

What do you think? Does WordSesh sound like something you want to see? Is there one part that has you most excited?