WordPress Web Design Trends for 2018

In this session, we will discuss the hottest of WordPress Web Design Trends. We know that having a site is necessary, what matters is the attention of the visitors. And, what will catch their eye? Obviously the design. When you go shopping and see designed dress. You get attracted to it right away. While there are hundreds of clothes, you get pulled by that one dress and may be eventually end up buying it right away or may be even after a few sleepless nights because of it’s thought. :) The same goes for websites as well.

Keep in mind that, the Web design Trends are not static. There is one saying “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”- Walt Disney. Mr. Disney was right. Human beings are so curious about inventing and learning new things and applying them in reality. As you can see from the establishment of WordPress to till now; we have seen many changes in its design, functions, and features. So, WordPress web design trends keep on changing according to the time and functions. Some of them may last more than years. But most of them disappear. Disappear here means not from the whole WordPress universe, instead, the design will be the base for new and updated designs. Based on those designs, the designers might generate a new and trendy design. Contact Fresno website designers to help you business get more exposure online and attract more customers.

Let’s keep an eye on the WordPress Web Design Trends for 2018.

Responsive Designs

Who would have thought that the pocket-sized and handheld square metal would turn the electronic world upside down? Now. It has become one of the essential parts of human life. According to research carried out in January 2018, there are 3.7 billion users and by 2019 it will reach up to 4.68 billion. And the mobile internet users are increasing day by day. So, while designing a website, make sure that your site is mobile friendly. You can also use various plugins that will help your site to make responsive to different size and resolution.


The first thing that can grab the attention of the people is design. No matter how effective your contents and features are, it won’t make sense unless its design is captivating. So, there was a turning point in the web design. Now, designers are slowly flinching from stagnant visual web pages and are more interested in animation. For the past couple of years, designers are practicing adding animated elements on their website and the outcome is really good. It seems like animation will rule over the old design and more is yet to come. So, get ready for it and if you could then start designing animated site.


Whitespace is that WordPress web design trends that will reign upcoming years as well. Having nothing but the clean and clear Whitespace website will surely grab the attention of the users rather than distracting them. This is what the designers are more concerned about. They want the users to be more focused on the content. The black or any other colorful typography over the white space looks awesome than any other designs. For instance, imagine colorfully printed white T-Shirts. It looks amazing, isn’t it? So, even a simple design will rock your online presence.


Sometimes a small thing makes really make us happy. And Microinterctions, it mainly interacts with every small detail of the site. This kind of interaction will bring pleasure to the human eye while using the site. For example, let’s say an animated sticker on the social media channel. Those stickers express your feelings in the right way. Simply saying Microinteractions make your site alive; which forces you to feel that you are interacting with the site’s content in a different way. These Microinteractions will take your site to a whole new level.

Push Notifications

Like mobile notifications, a web push notification is also high on the list. Seen around 2017, push notification is going to be run throughout this and upcoming years. It notifies the user of the necessary information about recent updates or news. Besides that, it is one of the factors that help to increase the traffic of a site; as it increases the engagement rates.

Graphics and Illustration

Who doesn’t get amazed at Graphics and Illustration? People are more connected to custom-made things. It gives a very cordial feeling. So, start thinking of using graphics and illustration in the site and show your capabilities to your audience. Apart from that, this thing will rule over the years. If you don’t want to be left out, then start thinking of it.

The arrival of Broken and Asymmetric Layout Design

We know, sometimes bad is good. In 2018, people are more into broken and asymmetric layout design rather than symmetric, and neat design. Many designers are using broken layout design to create a site. These types of designs tend to catch the attention of the visitors more than the regular ones. Simply saying, this type of design gives unique user experience to the users.  It seems like asymmetric layout design will rule in upcoming years as well.


So, these are the web design trends that help to boost your online presence. But keep in mind that, there are other design trends that you need to keep an eye for. I would like to suggest you carry out the research before initiating a website. We will try to include the lastest web design trends for WordPress to keep you guys at a pace. If there is any confusion, then feel free to comment in the comment section.