WordPress Kathmandu May 2020 Online Meetup (Workshop)

Are you aware of the WordPress May 2020 meetup happening online? If not, get the details here.

The WordPress Kathmandu May meetup is going to be held on May 31st, coming Sunday. Because of this pandemic Covid-19 the meetup is taking place online for the second time. The meetup will be a workshop, a great opportunity to learn while staying at home. Even if you are a beginner you can participate in it.

The workshop is about the “Starter Workshop on Customizer API”. It mainly focuses on demonstrating how to display the latest posts on the sidebar section using customizer API and will guide you step by step.

The fellow participants will be guided by two amazing WordPressers: Shiva Shanker Bhatta, the Founder and CEO at AF Themes, and Biplav Subedi, a Lead Developer at WPMU DEV, the well-known faces in the Nepali WordPress community.

Highlights of the WordPress Kathmandu May Meetup          (Online Workshop)


The workshop is about ” Starter Workshop on Customizer API “(Displaying latest posts on sidebar section) and the main highlights are:

    • Adding new Customizer Panel
    • Addition of various input types
    • Handling WordPress posts data (Category/Tag drop-down)
    • Data value sanitization
    • Escaping user inputs
    • Developing display functions for frontend.

Requirements of the Workshop

    • Existing local environment setup like Local by flywheel, VVV, XAMPP, WAMP, etc.
    • Latest Version of WordPress installed on your local/on-site server
    • Git CLI installed
    • General knowledge git commands
    • WP CLI installed (recommended)
    • Keen to learn and ready to explore

You may know that WordPress meetups are the gathering where the WP enthusiasts discuss various topics related to WordPress. The meetups are for anyone who uses, works, or willing to work with WordPress.

Usually the Nepali WordPress community organizes meetups on a monthly basis. Surely it an excellent opportunity for learning as well as exchanging ideas, examples, support & answers regarding WordPress.

If you are interested and want to be a part of this online meetup to learn something new, then register now.