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WordPress Best Practices to Boost User Engagement on your Website

Your WordPress website is all hard work and sweat; though in a non-literal term. The intensity of determination and research that goes into the process of website-making deserves results that count. Your report card for your website pursuit comes in the form of ‘User engagement’ report. There are several factors that determine the traffic your website and receiving, like the content on your site, its page loading speed, navigation options, bounce rate, and goodwill. It’s important to maintain these compulsory elements in positive tide so that site visitors are impressed by your website content.

It’s also equally important that site visitors stay on your website for a while and surf instead of clicking and getting away. This will lower your WordPress site’s bounce rate and help maintain grip. Make sure that you analyze this website maintenance report card data and put it to use by measuring your fruitful efforts along with the areas you are underperforming in. To help you cope with this, let’s talk about the best practices that will help you boost and sustain active user engagement on your WordPress website.

1. Give an engaging look and feel to your WordPress site

How a website appears and feels, is an important element for each and every site visitor. A classy and global feeling website will have more and better user engagement compared to a static site. If your website has the following things to offer, you will be in a win-win situation to woo your audience:

  • A User-friendly design that encourages website exploration
  • An easy navigation system
  • Visually appeal
  • A simple and non-technical approach to site’s designing
  • Selection of site colors as per your brand theme. E.g., If you are a mother-baby product producing brand, using entirely black scheme for your website, will kill its feel. Users associate trust factor will colors and if they trust you, your website will receive better engagement and your brand will have an even better business results.

2. A fast loading Website


We, as viewers; cringe the very moment we visit a slow-loading website because if those folks can’t get page speed right, how are they supposed to get their brand business together. Pretty much, we all think the same. A fast loading page not only impresses a potential customer, it also influences your search engine rankings. To be able to do so, you must,

  • Using large images with high resolution makes your website attractive but too many of them make your website crawly. Optimize website images so that they don’t fall flatly heavy on your website and make it sluggish. For this purpose, you can use WP SMUSH PRO plugin.
  • Delete inactive plugins and widgets so that they do not consume your bandwidth and slow the speed down. Make a list of entirely needed plugins and remove the rest.
  • If you have chosen a heavy theme with many- many features, your site is bound to get slow. So, make sure you make the right choice and go with a simple yet expansive WordPress theme.

3. Good Content is obligatory


It would be quite a stupid thing to do if you invest in everything, but content. No matter how fast your website gets loaded or how awesome it appears, a pile of crap content will shoot your laurels back to the mud. When we tell you about putting up good content on your website, we mean that you churn in fresh and relevant content on a regular basis. This is imperative because loyal audience looks forward to receiving content from your site. Amazing blog posts that will be valuable for your customers’ knowledge base must be updated to receive good engagement.

  • Maintain a good quality content.
  • Make sure that you use a writing style that suits the taste of your website audience. Keep some content for the related audience so that all kind of visitors are entertained.
  • Use short and crisp paragraph to keep your content interesting.
  • Schedule your content on a specific time to remain uniform in your posting pattern.
  • You can generate more page views for your website by using ‘Internal linking’ and hence maintain the good SEO by reducing the bounce rate as well.
  • Always re-post or re-share your old and popular posts so that good amount of traffic is generated.
  • Search Engine Optimized content isn’t just a trend. It’s a tonic for receiving better user engagement. To deal with this, you can opt for plugins like Yoast SEO.

4. Gamify your site experience

The Internet audience is one-of-a-kind curious section. They like to explore and get rewarded for it. So, if you want to make a blog on WordPress or a new WordPress website, how about the idea of gamification. This can be achieved by providing personalized badges to new site visitors or encouraging them to accumulate points so that they can access special features and sections on your WordPress site. To provide them with a sense of recognition, you can feature a weekly social leaderboard.

5. A Subscription Form

An emailing list is important for your website’s user engagement. To get one, you must put up a subscription box at the end of your website that users can subscribe and receive the latest content from you whenever it goes online. Do not put up too many popups for this purpose, or else it will upset the visitors and drive the traffic away.

6. Let People share your stuff


This is something unavoidable and not meant to be missed. Every site owner in the world must provide links to their appropriate social profiles so that the audience can share their posts and content. Announcing your social profiles will garner a trust factor and this will get a portion of your work, already done.

Bonus Tip: Always analyze your visitors’ action by visiting your own site and seeing how things work in real time. Adopt A/B Testing method to get things even better through the mode of comparison.

These common practices will help you engage your viewers, rake high in search engine rankings and of course, boost your audience engagement, every single day.