Who are Front-end developers and how to be one?

Before going straight into who Front-end developers actually are, have you ever thought how a website works? What is a role of web developers to make a website good? Starting a website is not a Child’s play. One needs to take care of minor to major details. Researching, surveying and gathering information, and knowledge is necessary. Likewise, setting a domain name and selecting a web host are primary requirements to launch a website.

Now we see that initiating a website is not an easy task. Moreover, only one person is not enough to create a website. So, there are a bunch of designers, both front end, and back-end developers, SEO, and content writer to handle a website. Similarly, they must know their specific role and knowledge to create a website which is more relevant for any type of platforms.

Let’s keep aside the role of other website developers and get straight into business.

Who are Front-end Developers?

Generally, Front-end developers are the one who codes the front end of a website. They look over the designs, layouts, buttons, navigation, images and internal links of a website. Mainly, Front-end developers enhance a visual interface that visitors see when they use a website. Their main job is to understand the complexity and depth of a design & to translate that creative idea & vision of a designer into an understandable code with the help of HTML/CSS/JS which a programmer can understand. Back-end developers are there to support them.

Here are the list of some knowledge and skills that Front-end developers must have:

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As the popularity of WordPress is increasing day by day, so is the demand for Front-end developers. And as mentioned above developing a theme is not as easy as it seems. Though the WordPress is quite simple and versatile than other CMS, Front-end developers must have some skills and knowledge to develop WordPress theme. Down below I have listed some important things that any Front-end developers must have to develop a theme or website.


Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is a markup language especially used to create WordPress theme or a website. Basically, it describes the components of the web. Such as Headings, Paragraphs, data charts and tables. Further, it is interdependent with CSS and shows records of JavaScript.

Having basic knowledge of HTML is not enough. You need to upgrade it according to the new trends in the market. The current version of HTML is HTML5. So, Front-end developers must have knowledge of HTML 5 as to make their work more effective in current days.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) another powerful element to set the design of a website. Both web developers and designers must have knowledge of CSS in order to make WordPress theme or website wonderful. CSS looks at the font size, pictures, colors, and other features or of the site.

Like HTML 5, Front-end developers must have knowledge of CSS 3 so as to keep up with the current trend. Similarly, they must be familiar with CSS frameworks like the popular one’s BOOTSTRAP, Foundation, etc. An also must be familiar with CSS Preprocessors such as sass to make CSS more efficient.  


JavaScript (JS) is a programming language which controls function of a web page. For example, multimedia, images, upgrading content, form submission and so on. There are plenty of JavaScript libraries which enable Front-end developer to use JS more Swiftly. JQuery is also one of them. It is the most basic J libraries having robust extensions and plugins.

In present context to make a site more interactive, front-end developers must understand Javascript libraries like jquery and frameworks like VUE JS, Angular JS, React etc. 

Role of WordPress Front-end developers

Front-end Developers, WordPress front-end developer, WordPress developer

When you are designated as WordPress Front-end developer there is a certain role that you need to follow. So that, you can easily meet yours as well as company’s goals.

In order to become professional Front-end developer, you must know

  • Good knowledge of coding and functionalities to create an interactive front end of a website.
  • knowledge of creating a website which is any handheld device friendly and compatible with all leading browsers.
  • Basic skills to create plugins like shortcodes, activate and deactivate, Hooks and filters, Customizer API function, Database.
  • Able to handle and inscribe plugins and implement custom functionality to a webpage.
  • Upgrade oneself according to time, work, and technology.
  • Send your work for a testing and receive feedback as much as you can. Is something is wrong, try to correct it right away.
  • Always be ready for the customer service

As we know that are other web professionals like Designer, Backend developer, SEO, and Content Writer. If you want to know more about it, keep on visiting. More is yet to come.

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