What is Instagram Marketing and how to use it?

Hello there, welcome aboard the Digital Marketing train. Here, we discuss what Instagram marketing is and also, how one can use Instagram for marketing. Marketing on social media platforms has become a major thing for most businesses these days. This is because on average people spend a lot of time on social media pages on their devices than on any other platform. And, Instagram, hands down is a well-known platform for all the people around the globe.

For those who don’t know Instagram. Instagram is a social media platform that allows peoples and pages to share photos and videos. Not only that, it offers many other services to people who engage in the internet lifestyle. As of January 2020, Instagram records about 1 billion active users each month. I cannot think of why this is not a good reason for you to market on a platform with that many users.

Why Instagram for Marketing?

The concept of “the more the merrier” is what implies while marketing on social media platforms. Here, you will get a wide range of variety of potential customers for your business as Instagram is used by a large number of people. Whether you are selling products or services, Instagram marketing takes care of your business when going online on such social media platforms; promoting your business via infographics and short videos.

People are more interested in visual content than reading a long blog describing the benefits of a product. Although you have to sum up descriptions in a short space, visual content is what draws more attention to the crowd. And, Instagram is the perfect space to market your business using visual content. Also, there are many more reasons why one should be using Instagram to advertise and promote their business online. some of which are,

  • Storytelling is easy on Instagram.
  • Good use of Visual Content for Marketing.
  • Reachability is very high.
  • Proper Feedback and Insights.
  • Great place for knowing your competition.

How these points are helpful?

We talked about the great reachability of Instagram, as it pops up advertisement and promotion posts for a large number of people. This is something a business is always willing to invest in. The more people know about you, the best it is for you.

Instagram has many handy features like story and IG videos, that is used by people to tell their story. Also, we already know how eye-catching and engaging visual content is. This form of storytelling content is what drives more attention and adds more value to your business.

Instagram is the place for people to know your brand and for you to know about how people are reacting to your brand. Additionally, they post pictures and stories about purchasing from you and give you feedback that is seen by again; a large number of people. So, collecting insights from real people is a great opportunity to know how you are performing and how you can improve.

As a marketer, you always need to keep an eye out for the competition who are doing exactly what you do. Follow their activities to see how they interact with their community. Also, get to know what type of content they are posting and how it performs. Knowing this you can modify your strategies and try to gain more market following how they do or simply coming up with good ideas to stand out.

Get Started with Instagram Marketing

Get started with Instagram Marketing. It is not only easy but also convenient for the users. The first thing to do while starting your own marketing structure in Instagram is to define your objectives. Also, know your target audience and come up with a functional plan for marketing.

Those are the core marketing starting point for an online business. For now, let’s talk rudimentary process to set up a simple business page on Instagram. Just follow,

  • Download the Instagram App.
  • Log in to your existing account or create a new one via your Facebook account.
  • Go to your Profile and open Settings.
  • Select the option Add Account.
  • Sign up with your business phone number or business email.
  • Add your business name and a secure password.
  • Open Settings from your new profile.
  • Go to Account.
  • Select the option Switch to Professional Account.
  • Select your business category.
  • Proceed as your need.

Now you have a business account on Instagram. However, there are a few things to consider before diving into marketing straight away. These are basic things that you will be doing after having defined the account status.

  • Get set with your profile Image and Bio.
  • Create a few relevant contents.
  • Follow some top accounts to learn from them.
  • Get familiar with the GUI(Graphical User Interface).
  • Invite people to follow by following them.
  • Execute your marketing plan.

Tips For Marketing on Instagram.

There is more to marketing on Instagram than just getting followers. Exposure is handy, however, you will need an interactive crowd following your page. Use the following tips as basics for Marketing on Instagram.

  • First thing is to Know your audience.
  • Create content relevant to your business.
  • Follow successful accounts to learn from them.
  • Post regularly.
  • Post on the best time as per your account analytics.
  • Link with your Facebook page.
  • Make Visually appealing content.
  • Know what you have liked and where you have been tagged.
  • Make use of the Save feature.
  • Watch out for engagements rather than the followers.
  • Create an interactive environment for your audience.
  • Ask for feedback and insights.
  • Boost your reach via Instagram Ads.
  • Always check Instagram Analytics.

These are some of the handy tips for marketing your page on Instagram. However, always keep track of your end results and make sure to make changes accordingly. Also, if you want, you can choose to pay for advertising your posts and pages.


Hence, you can conclude that marketing on Instagram is more than coming up with good Visual content. It is all about how you interact with the audience and how much engagement you get more than followers. There is much more to know about Marketing on Instagram than this, and it comes with experience and practice. Also, feel free to drop your ideas in the comment section below sharing your personal marketing insights.