What is Facebook Marketing and how to get started?

Venture in! The marketing of your business is now a lot easy and cost-effective if you know what you are doing. As social media has become a huge part of our day-to-day life, we might as well just exploit this tool. Statistical data suggests that 58.11% of people use social media platforms, which is roughly about 3.96 billion users. Within this number, 66.09% of the people log in Facebook(FB) on a monthly basis. This should be a leading clue for you to figure out why Facebook is a viable option for marketing your business online. To find an agency for your social media marketing, it’s only wise to first read their ratings and reviews.

Facebook stormed the internet all around the world and is wildly popular among people of all age groups. Being the highest used social media platform Facebook has approximately 2.80 billion monthly active users all around the globe. This is a massive audience for you to reach out to and expand your business.

Why Facebook for Marketing?

We know many people spend their time on Facebook than any other social media platform. Even if you don’t use Facebook yourself, you know a lot of people who do use it. However, if you still need some convincing on why choosing Facebook is the right platform for you to get started out, then these points may be of help. 

  • 2.8 billion monthly active users.
  • 338 friends per average user.
  • Real people sign up with Facebook.
  • Facebook owns Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp.
  • Strong Ad platform.

The bigger the group of audience, the better, isn’t it? There are varieties of people from different countries, different age groups and most importantly with varieties of interests. These are the people who could be your potential customers. 

Facebook is a platform with real people sharing information and it averages around 338 friends per user. In case someone on Facebook is interested in your content and likes it, chances are your content is visible to their friends too. This is how your content can go viral just like a wildfire; marketing made easy. 

Not only that, But Facebook is a huge conglomerate that owns other popular social media platforms like Instagram, FB Messenger, Whatsapp, and TikTok. However for TikTok apps, TikTok likes are great tools that could help you achieve more revenue. You have the liberty to freely link Facebook information to these platforms. The more, the merrier. 

Lastly, if you are willing to spend on ad campaigns to promote and attract new customers then, Facebook Ad is a great option. We all know how advertisements work up to boost a business, so if you are willing to do so then you better get on setting up a FB page.

Get Started with Facebook Marketing

You are only a few steps away from the Facebook Market. First of all, get started with signing up on Facebook and creating a page for your audience to view. Set up your page with a profile picture, a cover photo, a description of your business, or even throw in some external links if required. Be sure to set up your profile with relevant content and information.

Before you go on ahead to invite people to like your page, you should post something of value for your targeted audience. Show your audience the value of your presence on Facebook with attractive posts, which may be in the form of texts, images, videos, and even interactive posts. So, the first post you could make is basically just a milestone post.

Now we dive into how to make your page visible to unaware audiences throughout the world. This step is very crucial for your business to sustain itself in the Facebook community. It can also see it as a process of getting your page more likes and followers. There are several things we can do to invite people to your fresh page. You can do so by,

  • Inviting your FB friends to like the page.
  • Adding your business page link to your profile.
  • Sharing the page link as a normal post.
  • Sending the link via email.
  • Relying on LinkedIn contacts.

Tips and Tricks

There is much more to marketing on Facebook than simply getting likes on pages. In this ever-changing world, as a marketer, you will need to be sharp and up-to-date when handling business online. Here, given below are some handy tips for you to follow once you get comfortable with marketing on Facebook.

  • Invite the people who like your post, to like your page.
  • Post regularly updated content.
  • Create interactive posts for your audiences to get engaged in.
  • Create surveys for your audience.
  • Rely on Facebook Groups to promote your page and content.
  • Take advantage of Facebook Live to promote and share your messages.
  • Regularly add to your Facebook Story.
  • Interact with your audience with intent.
  • Rejoice Followers more than Likes; they are your potential customers.

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is a powerful analytical tool that tracks likes, page views, followers, and many more insights for your page. It gives many valuable data on how your page is doing and henceforth you can plot your marketing tactics more easily. There is much information you can obtain from Insights, at least, even if you just look at the Overview.

This will give you an overview of some of the key metrics like actions on page, reach, recommendations, and so on, of your Facebook page, over the last 7 days by default. Metrics are accessible for the last 28 days, and if you want to go beyond 28 days you will need to export the data. These data can be exported up to 180 days at a time. For further insights, you can access the individual reports presented on the sidebar. Among many of them, keep an eye out for

  • Followers
  • Reach
  • Actions on page
  • Posts, and
  • people

The most important metric is page followers as these are the people who have opted to see your content in their newsfeed. Also, look out for Reach metrics as it lets you know how many people are actually viewing your posts on a daily basis. Keep track of these data and proceed as per your page requirements.


So, by now you must have understood that Facebook Marketing is all about promoting a business online via Facebook. More than half the population of the people on social media platforms use Facebook and also, it is easy to set up and use. You will be more clear about these procedures and reports once you start out on the field on your own.

This is just a minimal level of general understanding you will need to know about marketing on Facebook. Do feel free to leave your thoughts down in the comment section below, also share additional tips for Facebook marketing if you have any.