What is Digital Marketing and how to get started?

Welcome aboard the Digital Marketing train. Here advertising, branding, trading, analyzing, and interacting with the market is made easy via the internet. Also, known as online marketing, it represents various platforms like Email marketing, Content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, or even vlogging, and blogging.

We will explain from scratch what digital marketing is? who is it for? and how one can exploit its efficiency? 

What is Digital Marketing?

The simple understanding is that Digital Marketing is a form of marketing done online. It can be done on your pc or tablets and of course, your mobile devices. Unlike offline marketing which is advertised on television, billboards, or radios; marketing becomes a one-way communication. However, digital marketing has a unique attribute where it allows two-way interaction between a business and a user.

Businesses today are expanding online, as it comes with lots of benefits for people behind a device buying or selling values. Generally, if we want to buy something, we either go to a store and make the purchase, or we survey online and then decide. Henceforth, going online is the best bid to find a business query, and doing so comes with many profits like:

  • A search engine is the best platform for your business to be found.
  • It provides a function to set up business ads.
  • Users can find your business’s info like name, location, service hours, contact information, etc.
  • Marketing online saves time.
  • Transactions are completed online

These are some of the basic things that benefit you in taking your market online. Marketing tactics are always changing to be more advanced and flexible. So, staying up to date is highly recommended. For more marketing information visit https://victoriousseo.com/markets/seo-consultant/.

Get Started

The first and foremost thing to do when starting up digital marketing is to set a plan. It may be easy to say but it is one of the most challenging things to do. An effective digital marketing strategy is difficult to implement but Get The Clicks can help you.

It is not possible to come up with a plan in an instance, but following these steps and seeking out help from professionals like an Edmonton SEO expert may make it a bit easier.

  1. Defining your online goal.
  2. Building your online presence.
  3. Marketing your online presence.
  4. Analyzing and adapting.

Defining your online goals

Goals are what keeps you on track, and knowing why exactly are you on the internet is a must. What does your business strive for? The best thing to do is ask yourself the question “why do I want to be online?“. This can be answered in the following ways:

  • Going online is for the recognition of your business.
  • You can list your business on an online directory.
  • To share vital information about your business via a website.
  • You can set up a social media page with many exciting features.
  • most important of all; Online Advertising.

Goals are used to uplift a business profile and planning with a clear understanding of company goals is what you should be focused on. From planning online business strategy, planning your presence, features to ease users, and whatnots. These are all targets set for your business to accomplish.

Building your online presence

Once you have assigned goals, the next step to going digital is to state your claim online. You need to be recognized by a search engine first in order for the users to find you. Setting up your online presence means you will need to be registered in a local listing (online directory) or a website, mobile app, on social media. These are the places where you will be advertising or trading online.

While websites seem to be the obvious way to go digital, it is not true that you cannot go digital without a website. It is also important to have a website which has a good graphic design language to engage your visitors, check this out to know more on how to enhance your website in the best way possible with graphic design. You can always use social media and applications to replace the need for a website.

Marketing your online presence

After establishing your online presence, you would definitely want to surge in the flow of customers to your business. This is an important one. You need to figure out, “how are you going to get customers to find you online?

Well, there are many strategies you can imply. Starting with search engines. When a user is using a search engine, they are letting it know precisely what they are looking for. This is the platform for your SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and SEM(Search Engine Marketing) skills to flourish. While SEO is done unpaid, SEM on the other hand comes with the option to pay for advertising.

Alongside creating your content, there is something called Display Advertising. These types of ads can be seen everywhere on the web and come in many forms like texts, videos, images, and even as ads you can click and interact.

There are other ways too, such as Social Media Marketing and Email marketing. These are a very crucial form of marketing, which we will discuss in detail later.

Analyzing and adapting

After all this, you still need to evaluate your efforts and analyze the results. It is always good to set realistic expectations when analyzing the end results of your market. This way you can see what is what and have ideas on where and how to improve. This can also be known as ‘ analytics ‘, which can show you how people land on your website, and what they do on your website.

Using goals for an online market comes with the need to satisfy the KPI(Key Performance Indicator). KPI is quantifiable measurements that measure the metrics most important to meet business goals.

This is where you come up with further strategies to make your online presence stronger and better. And to help you with your analytics, you can always rely on Google Analytics.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Discussing Online business strategies can have a positive impact as you can be more clear about your own ideas. Nowadays we have lots of options to choose from, and picking the right strategy severely decides the track of the business. Although, the market is always evolving and changing, here are some of the most effective digital marketing strategies you can choose for your online business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO also known as organic search, is the go-to option for people when setting up a website or a blog. It is an essential tool that falls under basic digital marketing techniques and is completely free to imply. Keeping in mind, the keywords and relevancy of the content, you can step up to rank higher on the SERP.

This is one way to make your website visible to the users out there, but you must be very careful about the relevancy of the keywords you use. Attracting more traffic means attracting more potential for market growth so, SEO can always be a handy option for you.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is a great way to advertise at the right moment. When a user is on a search engine they use keywords to search for their queries. SEM comes in hand here as it allows businesses to opt for paid advertising, and you only need to pay when someone opens your ad.

With SEM comes a system to bid in auctions for your place on the SERP. Paid ads are listed on the top brackets of the SERP right above the organic listings, this allows users to easily notice your website when they are on a search engine.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising or PPC is something that you can guess by the name itself. This form of marketing will cost you some money, but in return, you can have your advertisement displayed on the web. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay unless someone clicks on the link to your page.

No matter how good your business is doing, or how optimized your online platforms are-unless you are a meta corp, your business will struggle to make it to the top of a SERP. So, it can be wise to invest in advertising digitally to bait a bigger fish. If you find these options viable then you can enter the bidding war with these popular platforms; Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Promoted Pins, YouTube Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

Social Media Marketing

Online networks; known to us as “social media” are a huge part of our day-to-day lives. As a business, this can be a great platform for you to establish, advertise, or even run a business. You must have heard of, seen, or used at least one of these platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. This is the place for you to boost your market if you own a business.

Social Media allows you to directly interact with the customers and understand them better. You can also share content, get into conversations, reach out to potential customers and build trust among the users. Creating a page on one of the social media platforms and interacting via your posts has become the digital trend. But also keep in mind about picking the right platform for you; relevant to your business.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Investing in social media for marketing has become a growing trend for the past couple of years. Businesses are paying these platforms for advertisement, which works like organic social media. However, since you are paying, your ads and contents will find a sweet spot on the internet which can be seen by a segmented group of users.

The difference you can feel if you pay for social media marketing is, the speed of your market going online that organic posts cannot match. Also, you can get quality traffic, sustained views, and engagements as long as you keep paying for advertisements.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

A conversion can be noted when a user visiting your website fulfills the desired goal, such as filling out forms, surveying, or making a purchase, depending on your business goal. Optimizing this practice of conversion is known as Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO.

Simply think of it as a process where you try to understand what drives, stops, and persuades your users who are visiting your site. Understanding this can help you give the users a better experience; increasing your website conversion rate. Having a high conversion rate is always good, and focusing on the final action is the conversion itself.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the bold way for you to attract audiences, and to stand out from the crowd. As it is based on the creation and sharing of online materials like blogs, vlogs, images, videos, or even a social media post, content marketing is used by almost every business.

Generally focusing on drawing traffic to your site, and advertising your business, content marketing is what allows two-way communication between a business and a user. You can post a video, or blog about your products and services. However, you must always keep in mind the audience you are creating the content for and the type of content you are creating. Knowing your audience and planning accordingly is the key component of content marketing.

Email Marketing

Proven to be one of the most effective marketing strategies, Email Marketing is used by almost every business operating website. It works best to build customer loyalty and engagement and runs smoothly on mobile devices. You need to consider developing a trusted contact list and figure out a proper way to communicate with different audiences based on their interests. 

Email Marketing can be used to showcase products and services and attract more visitors to your website. With this not only can you educate your customers, but you can also learn about your customers. You can use Email to request feedback from your users about their experiences and interact accordingly.

Stand Out from the Competition

In this gargantuan ocean of Digital Marketing, everyone can be worried about standing out of the crowd. This is where something called USP(Unique Selling Point)comes to the rescue. USP is the essence of what makes you better than all the other competitors across websites and social media platforms. Creating and selling unique content is what will get more recognition, and to stand out as unique content you will need to be highly concerned about the easement of the users. There are 4 key components to think about while Defining your USP:

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. who are your competitors?
  3. what problems do your target audiences have?
  4. how can you tackle those problems?

Analyzing these components and try to sound as natural as you can to your audiences. You can also aim for mobile-friendly techniques to brand and sell your content online. Also, Listen to your customers online, know your competition well, and perform a SWOT analysis to stand out.


There are many things to consider while starting out on digital marketing and only some are discussed here. The platforms you can use, the strategies you can implement, and how you can use something to your benefit. A good suggestion would be to always connect with your audience and customers, analyze their behaviors, and work accordingly to meet your goals. Always start with Planning and try to put yourself in the user’s shoes when doing so. Last but not the least, keep track of your analytics report and work to boost your marketing on that basis.

Fell free to leave your thoughts on the comment section.