4 Ways to Use SVGs to Launch A Seasonal Range for Your Store

With technology advancing at a dizzying pace around us, customers expect an optimal experience in almost every sector. Electronic and printing devices are constantly increasing in sophistication, leading to a rise in the demand for high-quality images and graphics. If you deal with products or web services that require images or illustrations such as icons, logos, and graphs, then scalability and responsiveness is not something you want to compromise on. Lucky for you, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) are here to offer just that.

What are SVGs?

In the digital design world, there are mainly two types of 2D graphics used: raster and vector. Think of raster as a collection of dots or pixels brought together to form an image. Some raster image formats include GIF, JPG, and PNG. When zoomed in, the distance between the individual dots increases, reducing the overall quality of the image. This, therefore, places a limit on how large you can make a given illustration without compromising on its quality.

SVGs, on the other hand, are based on eXtensible Markup Language (XML) where mathematical equations are used to make the lines and curves that make up a given image, shape, or text. Since mathematical formulas apply even at the smallest scale, SVGs can therefore be zoomed and minimized infinitely without changing their quality.

SVGs are also easy to use for both printing and web applications, making them applicable in a variety of sectors. They could help you take advantage of rapidly changing seasons, to create a range of products to keep meet all the needs of your customers. Below are some of the ways SVGs from Design Bundles can help you launch a seasonal range for your store:

1. Creating Seasonal Products

Different products have different sizes, and you want all the images and illustrations on them to be clear and pleasant. To increase the appeal of some of your seasonal products like umbrellas, you could use SVGs to print appealing images that will attract more customers. For instance, Christmas themes and illustrations printed on clothes or toys could increase their selling rate. Depending on the digital cutting machine used, SVG designs are easy to print on different materials including cotton, felt, and vinyl leather.

Since they are scalable, SVGs can also be printed on products of different sizes without compromising on their quality. Whether it is a large home wall or small phone cover you want to add a Halloween design on, getting SVGs online will ensure the image fits perfectly without changing how much your products will appeal to your customers. This makes it easy for you to stock up your store with an unlimited variety of seasonal products.

2. Creating Seasonal Marketing Materials

For a marketing campaign to be effective, posters, banners, and other advertisements must grab and retain the attention and interest of your target audience. It should also be easy for anyone to recognize your brand from your campaigns. This is why you should use SVGs to make create your marketing materials as all your icons and logos will be sharp and clear at any size. With rapidly shifting consumer tastes, circumstances, and preferences, marketing media should also change with the times to make them relevant to the intended audience. That’s where companies like func media come in.

Since the marketing material is intended for display on different media like TVs, online advertisements, and billboards, using a format that applies to all of them is recommended. SVG is a format that is easily readable and can be displayed by different browsers and digital media, making it easy to broadcast the advertisement through various channels.

3. Adding Seasonal Graphics to Your Website

In this digital age, websites are becoming the main front for customer interactions for most organizations, especially those based online. Since most of the customers will get their first impression of an organization from interacting with their website, having an attractive web design is crucial to attracting and retaining them. SVGs enable you to add seasonal graphics to make your website more functional and to increase its user experience.

One important factor that impacts the performance of websites is the size of the files on their webpages. A heavy webpage will load slower, and not a lot of users are patient enough to wait around for a slow website. In fact, most of your potential customers could leave you within the first five seconds of a slow webpage. With SVGs, image files can still be used at their smallest size, making it possible to add as many graphics to your website as possible without slowing it down.

4. Creating Seasonal Social Media Posts

To capture the attention of social media users and leave an imprint of your brand or product on their mind, you must make your social media posts colorful and attractive. With SVGs, you can create appealing texts and posts for your social media. You could also take advantage of cool line-drawing effects and animations to increase the impact of your social media posts. While a text might not be catchy enough for someone browsing the web, inserting a graphic image or animation will make it difficult for anyone to scroll through without taking notice.

Ensure that no season finds your store empty. With SVGs, the only limit is your creativity and maybe the cutting tool you have available. Otherwise, you have the best tool in your hand to make seasonal products, marketing material, graphics for your website, and social media posts that will have your customers coming back for more.

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