Top 7 tips for awesome blogging

“Happiness is only real when shared”- Christopher McCandless had written in his book Back to the Wild. Blogging is also done to represent yourself and share the ideas, and information of any field. It can be business, technology, personal, DIY works, education, health and so on.  As a result, a blogger can be happy after receiving a healthy response from their content.


You might be thinking blogging is really an easy task but actually, it’s not. The writer must have a solid command over their writing and it must be able to control the internet world. Sometimes it gets really unrestrained. The blogger might be unable to draw the conclusion over their issues. But you guys don’t have face this hassle if you follow some very easy and simple steps to molding your blog.

So, buckle up your seat and let’s take a tour to top 7 steps to follow.

1.Time and Capabilities

time and capabilities

First of all, we know that good blogging needs time, dedication, and some necessary planning. So, the blogger must know what his capabilities are. To check whether he/she could manage the time as far as possible and really make oneself available or not.

2. Mission

target audience

After taking out time, then you must think of your target and the mission. Here, you need to know what your blog is concerned about and how you want to shape it. You have to also mention the reason for initiating blogging.

Another main part here is to target your audience. It is really important to know whom do you want to share your blog and who your audience are.  For example if your blog deals with teen fashion, there is no use sharing it with elderly. So, make sure you find out the perfect audience.

3. Selecting a perfect blog platform


Once you are done writing, it now needs to be published for the world to see. So, choosing the best platform is the only way to rule over the other bloggers. There are thousands of platforms but among them, WordPress is the best and very compatible program for a blogger and one that I would definitely recommend. WordPress gives you a lot of choice through various themes, plugins and is also easy to customize, should you need any thing more specific. It is also open source,  free and user-friendly as well.

Medium and Tumblr are also great option should you want to check something other than WordPress.

4. Designing


Everyone wants the perfect design to their blog. WordPress for that gives you plethora of themes as per requirement. Themes are simply accessible from the WordPress theme repository and can be installed from the Appearance > Themes > Install Theme.  There are also other theme places like ThemeForest, Athemes, Code Themes, Yudlee Themes, ThemePalace and much much more, where you can get themes from as low as $29 to around $99.

To get the most out of your theme, you should always select a professional to customize the theme. The design must reflect the character of the blogger as well. It must be blog orientated. For example, if the blog is about the women’s shoes then your theme and skinning of the blog closer to food, then wouldn’t be as worth-it and as convincing. On the top of that, the design must be clean and is preferred to have good white space.

5. Initiating personal domain


Domain name and a hosting company are necessary to publish a blog. A domain is URL of the website while Hosting company is the one who places a website on the internet, only internet users can see your blog.

After installation of WordPress, you can start adding  your articles and start publishing them right away.

6. Inspect before publishing


Thoroughly checking the links and the keywords on your blog helps to boost SEO. Likewise, there may be some grammatical mistakes and citing sources errors. Those need to be corrected. Doing this, it enriches the quality of the blog.

7. Compatible on mobile

responsive design

Today more than half of the people of the world are using smart phones and everyone’s connected to the internet. So if your blog is mobile friendly then there are lots of possibilities of earning over people who prefer surfing on mobile over desktop.

If you follow these steps, I am sure that you could make your way to be among the best blogger there are. With hard-work and quality content of-course. But this is not all, there are some blogging mistakes that you must avoid. Let’s check them out.

1. Never insert the auto-loading music

This is one of the greatest mistakes that some of the bloggers commit. It’s kind of nice, an audience would be able to hear the music while opening a blog site. But it makes the site laggy. What if the person opens the site in a silence zone, or somewhere in waiting room. These while soothing at other times, can be irritating based on the time of the day or the location they are at. And he/she will never turn back to the site. So, never put auto loading on your site.

2. Perfect background and text

While designing/customizing the theme, make sure, there the background image is of good size, the fonts are readable. Also make sure that the background and the text compliment each other and not the other way round.

3. Plagiarism

This is something you have to be very wary of. While you copy everything from another article, you are copying someone’s work and this is something Google punishes more often than not. So that is some negative love from Google. But at times, since there is a lot of content on the internet already, it is good to check your content against some plagiarism checking tools to avoid being similar to an article that is already on the internet.

Some of the other tips that blogger must be concerned are:-

  • Avoid grammar and spelling blunders.
  • Avoid using jargon words.
  • 3 S i.e Short, Sweet and Simple.
  • Authentic and Sensible
  • Focused and never out of track
  • Bold letters

In the end, if you keep all these things in your mind and start writing, you will be a better blogger than you already were and will also help you immensely to boost your blog, from what it already is.