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Top 10 Free Time Tracking Apps for Freelancers

Usually two words “freelancer” and “time” go together. Freelancers can’t juggle multiple tasks simultaneously and that’s why we need to allocate time carefully. Time is an essential source of freelancer financial success.

There are lots of web apps that help track time and create reports. If you use one of the tools on a daily basis, you can turn your work into a structured schedule, get more spare time for fun, and improve your productivity. Here’s is an overview of 10 top free apps for time management for freelancers.



Google Calendar is a free universal tool to track your time, appointments and organize your freelance tasks. Google app may serve as a calendar or a to-do list. Besides, it’s easy to export Google calendar data to lots of project management solutions and thus, you can always keep an eye on your schedule.



OfficeTime is an elegant cross platform time tracking application. You can track your activity on your computer and iPad. OfficeTime contains advanced time management features: dashboard, spreadsheets data import and stat reports. Besides, the app has built-in invoicing options. So it enables you to start your freelance project, assign a rate per hour and generate the final invoice.



TimePanther claims to be a time tracker for freelancers. The app includes time management options that help set tasks, divide them between your projects and calculate your revenue. TimePanther allows you to sync all freelance tasks without any mess within clients.



Cube Anywhere is a nice time tracker for any device. Freelancers are famous for mobility; that’s why our time tracker must be a cross-platform product. Add your tasks, create a schedule and manage your earnings per hour. Cube has an easy sign-up from. You can quickly create an account with your Google ID.



Clockodo is an easy time tracking suite. It lets you manage tasks, track time and view reports. The stylish web app represents all information in a simple to comprehend way and turns time management into a real pleasure.



Klok is a cross platform time management program that work on Windows, Linux, Mac and Android OS. You can analyze your time consumption and share your calendar with freelance colleagues. Moreover, you can transfer data smoothly between Basecamp, Harvest or Fresh Books.



Paymo is a freelancer business center. The app has lots of handy features inside: time tracking, billing and invoicing, project management tools. It’s up to you to select the options you need. For example, you can count hours and create reports for your clients.



Chrometa has an exceptional approach to time tracking. It automates time tracking. Install a tiny app on your computer and it will record your software usage. Examine your daily reports and see how much time you spend on web surfing, Skype, Photoshop or coding. Thus, Chrometa lets you revalue your time and boost your freelancing productivity.


30 Boxes30 BOXES

30Boxes is a web calendar. Fill it with important tasks and alerts. Plus, place your personal reminders and track all key events in one place. This way 30 Boxes lets you balance your freelancing life efficiently.



As you see the list contains only 9 apps for freelancers to track time. The last but not the least can be a default timer app, your favorite spreadsheet program, or your watch. Let us know which time tracker you prefer that deserves to be on this list!