Things to consider when hiring a remote WordPress Developer

A new job opening!

This is not just an alert for the people applying but also a major concern for the ones hiring. You need to consider a lot of things before you dive in and hire someone. So, we have tried to sum up the details on the things to note when you hire a remote WordPress developer.

WordPress is the perfect open source CMS (Content Management System) if you are looking to build a website, blogs, or apps. Up to 43% of the websites use WordPress. On top of that: WordPress has a 60.8% market share in the CMS market. WordPress powers 14.7% of the world’s top websites. Such as TED BlogBBC America, VogueEtsy Journal, etc. So, you can always place your bet safely on WordPress to deliver your desire.

WordPress is easy to use yet very much powerful. You can get your desired site ready in no time with WordPress themes and plugins. All you need is a secure hosting service and suitable content for the site.

Easy right?

Yet, a WordPress developer is always in demand to get a site running smoothly.

So, what is the reason for you to hire a WordPress developer?

Well, let’s look at some of the benefits you can get when a developer works on your site rather than an amateur. It doesn’t mean you cannot get a site running. Just that a developer is more suited for the job Bob Bratt.

  • A developer can produce results as per your desire.
  • For Search Enginge Optimization(SEO) purposes.
  • For advanced UX/UI.
  • Secure your website and keep your data safe.
  • Get website analytics.
  • and many more benefits.

Hire a remote WordPress Developer

Once you decided to hire a developer to get your site up and running, or you want a plugin build. And, just hiring someone randomly will only make things more difficult at both ends. There are aspects to consider when undertaking such an approach.

Let’s take a look

  • Search for good WordPress Development agency.
  • Or hire remote WordPress developers on project basis or for a certain time.
  • First thing is to confirm if the developer has worked on WordPress before.
  • See if they fit the required language profeciency(PHP/JS/HTML/API, and so on).
  • Always be brief and clear about the project and it’s scope the developer is set to handle in the upcoming future.
  • Ask them to reference their previous work in the resume.
  • If in doubt, get certified screening employment verification to see if they fit.
  • Schedule an interview.
  • Be open to negotiating salary based on the qualities along with experience a developer posseses.
  • Run a Background check like these one at https://www.sterlingcheck.com/services/social-media/
  • Once they’re hired, never flake them.
  • If any confusion, talk talk talk.
  • That’s it.


These are just some of the basic things to keep in mind when we are set to get employment solutions in Malaysia. Also, if you are the one applying to fill in as a developer, be bold and flexible to pitch your opinion on which both ends can benefit.

All the best!