5+ proven strategies for converting free users into paying customers

In today’s digital age, converting free users into paying customers is a challenging game for most of the online companies. It’s nothing for those who have already established themselves firmly in the digital jungle. But who are new to this digital world they have to pull their socks up to be able to convert free users into paid customers.

The truth is everyone is attracted to the free services and plan, but when it comes to premium plans then, what they do? If I am not wrong then, they will buy choose the big name and brands over you. So basically saying, it’s hard to reach to that height, but it is not impossible. All you need is to follow some proven free to paid conversion strategies. As far as I am concerned, you don’t have to waste a huge sum of capital to implement them.

Without any further ado, let check out proven strategies for converting free users into paying customers.

Too much on Free?

This is what most of the companies are practicing. No doubt, you will get the plenty of visitors but your free to premium conversion rate will be lost somewhere. When your free plans are adequately packed with all the essential services and facilities that users want, who wants to take a look at the premium one?  I will not go for your premium plans either. Hurry, Cut it out. Make sure that, you only give the limited but the good facilities. Similarly, create your premium products a better one. So that the users have no other options than buying it. But balance it out, because you are more likely to get visitors from the free plans than premium one.

Indirectly tell your customers about your premium plans and services

The first thing you need have in this case is a lot of patience. It’s good to notify them about your premium plans and services but never force them to go for it. It’s up to them whether they want to stick to the free or switch to the premium. It’s worth trying rather than doing nothing. So first, let your users be addicted to your services. Then only send your users an email in such a way that you should force them to buy it, instead show them the perks of using your premium plans.

Offers and Discounts

One of the effective ways to convert the free users into the premium customer is to present the incentives, bonus or offers to the users. Make your offer more appealing and useful so that the users feel the fears of losing it and immediately grab the opportunity. You can give a certain percent discount to the new users. Or, you can present gifts to your existing users (free) for upgrading to premium. You can visit sites like goodpromotionalproducts.com to learn more about promotional ideas.

Notify them about your moves

Some companies don’t even bother to notify their users about your plans and policies. If you are going to change it, let your users and customers know first. Or else, you might be ending up losing your customers. It is important to have the communication between the customers no matter which category they fall on. Simply saying, don’t take a move without your customer’s acknowledgment. Always remind them about the deadline of their free trial period. So that, the users can take an immediate action for it.

Try to make communication with the users

It is necessary to have communication between you and your customers. You can start with the welcome email or show them further steps of their voyage. You can send them the tutorials of your services so that the user doesn’t have to face the problem while using your products. Ask them for their feedback and suggestion. Don’t only listen to it, try to implement them as well. So that, you can win the trust of your customers and know your weakness. I don’t mean sending them email frequently and irritate them. (Remember, how irritating it is when an advertisement pops up while playing games.) So, never ever do that. Take your time, give your customers a time and make small approaches.

Easy Payment Transition

Keep in mind that your premium plans or service has a smooth running transition. Never ever hide the pricing plans to your users. Keep it straightforward or else you might be ending up in a big mess. Because converting free users into paying customers is really complicated. You need to convince them with the bits of meaningful reasons that hit the user’s mind.

In addition to that, always integrate best and easy payment gateways. If this thing is not feasible and the users have to face tons of hassle while purchasing then it won’t take a second to lose your valuable customers. Whether it’s you or me or any other users, this part is what most of us really care about. This the main gateway to your premium plans, no matter what the cost try to make the payment transition suitable for all.


While wrapping up, these are the possible strategies for converting free users into paying customers. make sure you imply the strategies to break out the wall between free and premium services. Though it takes some time to see the result, I can assure that your hard work will pay off.

If you come across other strategies that are not mentioned in this article. Please, feel free to mention it down in the comment section.

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