Into the world of WordPress (Beginner’s edition)

People often say that you need “zero coding skills” to start using WordPress, and indeed it is true. But to understand the insights of it and customize things to serve your needs, first and foremost thing before diving in, is to make sure that you’re pretty comfortable with HTML/CSS and preferably JavaScript and basics of PHP but you can learn these alongside. The best way of learning these skills is by working on a project, and coming out with a product that you’re proud of. After we have these skills somewhat roaming out and about on our brain, we can now step into the world of WordPress!

Obviously, to use this great CMS application, we first need to download and install it. Before installing WordPress on your computer, you’ll need to check if you have a software XAMPP or WAMP installed on your computer, make sure this software is running, now on your web browser type ‘localhost’, you’ve got to make a database by going to phpMyAdmin (you got to have a home for all your data). After we’ve made a database we can now download WordPress, then put the WordPress folder to localhost directory (htdocs or www). Now go to your choice of web browser and type localhost again, it’ll direct you to phpMyAdmin you’ll see your WordPress file there. Click the folder and after that, it’s self-explanatory, just fill in the database name and other details and click Run the install.

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Now we have our username and password after logging in, and viola you’re done! You have your own personal copy of WordPress you can experiment with. After properly installing your WordPress, the possibilities are endless and just bounded by your imagination. Now, you’ll see the dashboard where you can add and edit all your blogs and posts and much more, and it’s literally just like using an app on your phone, you can easily edit and update your website with pictures, links according to what you’ve pictured your website to look like.

There are lots of other platforms out there but WordPress offers such a vast array of capabilities, functions and features and that too for free. Yup, it’s an open source software and its got several themes and plugins you can choose from, to make your website look personalized. So if you’re looking for a company to host your website or starting out as a noob to web development, WordPress is a perfect place to start off! Check out some of the coolest themes at https://codethemes.co/.