An interview with Shishta Pradhan- #WCKTM2018

Shishta Pradhan is currently working as a Front End Developer in Code Pixelz Media.

In WordCamp Kathmandu 2018, she talked about “Scope for Front End Developers in WordPress. What Front-end development is and how it fits into the WordPress ecosystem.”

We had a short and sweet conversation with Shishta Pradhan at the event.

Shishta Pradhan

What made you come to WordCamp Kathmandu 2018?

The main motive of these WordCamp is to gather all the passionate WordPress lovers in one place and inspire and educate each other more about it. And, I am of those learners of WordPress where I want to gain so much knowledge and get inspiration from all these national and international speakers. Since I am always eager to learn new things on the field that I am working on. I am more than happy to be part of this amazing event happening every year.

Have you been to WordCamp Kathmandu 2017 or any other previous WordCamps?

Well, it’s my fourth time. And, every year there are so many diverse things to learn from all these inspiring speakers. There is so much scope for learning more about WordPress in these WordCamps.

What do you like about this WordCamp Kathmandu 2018?

Well, I think, apart from gaining knowledge and getting inspiration from these speakers, other main perks of WordCamp are meeting and networking with different people from all around the World. You know, they are very inspiring and we can learn so much from them. Besides that, how can we forget about the swags? (Big Smile)  As you can see, I have the collection of all these swags provided by these so many companies. Even I enjoyed fun games. Like previous WordCamps, this WordCamp is also knowledgeful and entertaining at the same time.

How long have you been on WordPress?

It has been 3 years.

What do you think of WordPress Community in Nepal?

In my opinion, it is very amazing, friendly, cooperative, helpful and knowledge gaining community in Nepal. I am so glad to be the part of this community. With the help of this community, many people are learning about WordPress. Apart from learning, there are numbers of enthusiasts who are willing to teach us as well. So, WordPress Community here in Nepal is so incredible.

What would you like to see change in WordPress Platform in the next 5 years?

People still have this misconception that WordPress is far easier. I don’t deny the fact that its learning curve is easier than other platforms. But people need to get their perception right that there is a huge scope for all the developers in WordPress as well. It’s not only a great platform for developers but for designers, front-end developers, content writers and many other such professions. So I hope WordPress gets more recognition and market all around the world.And I think we need to have these frequent Meetups and events to educate and aware people about WordPress. If it is possible we could also inspire newbies that there is a good career for them in WordPress. Even my session was to target young new front-end developers to tell them there is scope for them. To be true, I am more than happy to contribute and educate people around me about WordPress.

Do you find the value of being here today?

Yes, these events and Meetups are always fruitful for any WordPress enthusiastic and I am eagerly looking forward to next WordCamp.

What are your suggestions to make WordCamp better in the upcoming years?

The main motive for WordCamp is to educate people more about WordPress. So, it will be better if we invite students from these IT/Computer fields as well. So that, they will get a clear glimpse that there are a career and scope in WordPress. 

For someone who is new to WordCamp or even WordPress, what would you like to recommend or suggest?

Well, I think, it will be like a plain canvas to an artist if they are new to WordCamp as they can learn so much from WordCamp and grab knowledge about them. It’s the best platform for those who have just initiated working on WordPress. So,  I would like to suggest them that attend these events and Meetups. Try to gain knowledge and educate yourself. If there is any confusion, then Google is there.

What was your background before stepping into WordPress?

I was a student. I completed my bachelors level in Computer Engineer. Since then I thought of being Front-end Developer. Now here I am. Thanks to my programming knowledge, it helped me a lot for doing, you know, Javascript and all.

Besides WordPress, what are your hobbies or passion?

I am Foodaholic, who loves to listen to music and travel.

Thank you. Shishta Pradhan for your Wonderful time.

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