How to make Your WordPress Website Better in 2018

2017 is about to adieu us, how prepared are you to make your WordPress website better in 2018? If not then, there are still some days to improve on it. Don’t stress. I am here to guide you with steps you ought to follow in order to make your WordPress website better in 2018.

Instead of focusing on other topics to create your WordPress better in 2018. You need to pay special attention to SEO, Security, Analytics, and Speed of your site. Remember that, these steps are not only for 2018 but it will always be effective.

Without further ado, let’s plunge into the steps (individually) to make WordPress Website better in 2018.

WordPress Website Better in 2018, SEO, Google Analytics, Speed, WordPress 2018


SEO is the reason behind increasing and decreasing the traffics of your Website. No one wants their website to be suppressed from their competitors. Whether you believe it or not, everyone, including me, wants our site to be in good ranking position. Don’t think that writing a blog spontaneously and publishing it is enough. For the improvement of SEO of your WordPress Website, your article must be up to the point. Writing unnecessary content and irrelevant information takes your article into nowhere. Always make sure that your article’s content is relevant to the topic.

Likewise, select the appropriate plugins to determine SEO for your article or blog. Yoast SEO is popular among the all other plugins. It doesn’t matter whether you are using Yoast or any other WordPress Plugins. But you need to apply them to increase SEO of your website. Similarly, Domain name of your site also plays the vital role to enhance the SEO of your site. Always use simple, easy to recall and Keyword rich domain name which is easily adaptable to your viewers.


In the beginning of 2017, we saw some of the biggest Cybersecurity disasters. WannaCry, Petya/Notpetya, Wikileaks CIA Vault 7, to Shadow Brokers and Macron Campaign Hack. We are unaware of what hackers will hit on 2018. Hence, we can’t stay calm, so, start taking some actions to protect your privacy and be cautious. Therefore, assemble yourself and follow all the Internet Security protocols. Once you follow and implement these complicated Protocols then securing your website is piece of cake.

Similarly, you cannot be fully depended upon the Internet Security Protocols. There are plenty of other preventing measures to protect your site. Ensure that you never ever reuse your passwords. Always set strong 20+ characters and take a help from Password Manager. If you have to transfer files from web server then deal it with SFTP and SSH mode. Likewise, WordPress developers are there to help you in the time of need. You need to install the security extensions and features given by them.  More importantly, take a 2-factor method authentication to provide extra security. Eventually, keep in mind that you backup all your website database and files.


No one likes waiting around for a site to load. If that is the case then, you will probably lose plenty of your traffics. Even though there are hundreds of themes and plugins, they don’t work very efficiently. Usually, slow plugins, themes, and web host are the reason for making the website slow. If it keeps on continuing, you have to face huge loss in 2018. We know, people like speed.

In order to expand the site speed, get rid of all the unnecessary plugins. Use plugins which are the absolute need for your work. WP Sweep is the plugin which helps to optimize the database of the website. It is free and assists you to dump all the junk. Moreover, WP Fastest Cache and Autoptimize are the two plugins which really increase the speed of your site. Update PHP and plugins to gain fast loading website. Reduce the size of the image without losing a tiny bit of image quality. SmushIt, WordPress Image Optimization works pretty well for it. 


Want to know the number of visitors to your website? How many of them are potential customers? If you really want to know the position of your site then Analytics is there for you. Google Analytics and KISSmetrics will analyze the data and improve the performance of your website. Further, Google Analytics will also develop your sales and leads.

Similarly, try to analyze the keywords that others are using while searching your website. Inspect, whether they are using phrases, words, or any other business names. Because many of them use specific goods or services name rather than business name. So, your each pages keywords must be linked to your products and services. If you don’t know how to perform Keyword Research then, we have written an article regarding the same here.

Likewise, take some help from social media or any other channel to grow referral traffics. Except for potential customer, some visitors come through direct customers, advertisement, and researching. While some come through by clicking your sites link from social media, different blogs or websites. Another is, decreasing the bounce rate. Always make your website more engaging so that visitors won’t leave your site without examining other pages.

If you implement this steps and instructions then trust me your site will be able to meet all the challenges of the upcoming year 2018.