How to increase traffic and monetize your website

Before launching a website, a very first thing that triggers in mind is how to increase traffic and monetize your website. After establishing the whole things up, still, the same question strikes in your mind. Don’t worry my readers; I am here to share with you some ideas and strategies. I was in your position back then, when I launched my website. Like you, I was so anxious to increase visitors to my website. So, I carried out research and learned about the strategies and applied them. I went an extra mile and my hard work paid me off. The numbers of my site’s visitors in growing day by day and it is monetizing well. Though it took a couple of months to see the result and the outcome of this is so good that it is worth to wait. So, like my previous article on increasing the ranking of a website in Google Search Rank. This time I am sharing with you the ideas and plans to increase traffic and monetize your website.

Steps to increase traffic and monetize your website

Keep in mind that, these steps are not only for a newly launched website, you can apply them for existing website as well. Let’s check them out.

Link Building

If you want Google to recognize your website in Search Ranking, then start building a link with other websites. You can ask them for the backlinks which redirect back to your site. In this way, the search engine will know that value of your site when other website suggested it. This will help Google bots to crawl and index your site which helps to increase the organic search of your site. So, try to establish a link with others and get backlinks as much as possible. Go to www.backlinkdoctor.com for the best posts on auditing your backlink profile.

Guest Posting

Basically, guest posting or blogging is writing the content for another website. If the sites are relevant to our sites and accept guest post, then start writing guest posting. It is one of the best tactics for building link with the other website. But remember to put your site’s link in the content, so that the visitors could redirect to your site. Likewise, ask for the backlinks. Those backlinks are the one which helps to increase traffic to your site.

Another thing, writing a guest post is not enough. Your content must be relevant and informative; so that the audience can easily get that are they seeking for. Similarly, make a habit of accepting guest post as well. Whenever you accept a guest post from different bloggers, you can see the variation on their content. Different styles of content help to capture the attention of the readers and make your website intriguing. In this way, your site’s traffic will probably increase.

Since guest posting helps expose your brand. Visitors are more likely to know what are you up to. No doubt it increases site’s traffic; it will also help to increase the revenue of your site.

Affiliates Marketing

Affiliates Marketing is the process of earning a capital by promoting and recommending other products on your site or content. You will receive certain percent commission when a consumer buys products from your referral link. First, you need to find relevant websites which sell products like yours. If you like their product and like to recommend and promote it to your visitors or subscribers, then you can ask for the affiliates or referral link. After getting the link, promote it on your content. When your visitors end up buying it through the affiliate link; then you will earn a commission.

Furthermore, if you want to sell your products then, start searching for promoters who are ready to endorse your products on behalf of certain percent incentive. Don’t worry you will get handful numbers of sites who readily accept your proposal. (Our site is also one of them) Don’t waste an extra minute to give them referral links. Just find out that the website has more traffics.

Social Media Marketing

We all are well known about the popularity of Social Media Channels. It is one of the best hubs where we can reach to millions of people in a very short period. That’s why thousands of business and companies are using social media platform for marketing on the social circles. You don’t need to do direct conversation with the people. Create a page of your site, send an invitation to your visitors to follow you back. Then after that upload an authentic, fresh and updated content, upload videos, and images. Doing that is not enough; make a habit of interacting with the other relevant pages through social media sites; start commenting and replying to your visitors. This will increase the authority and leadership of your site.

Email Marketing

We all know that there is highest ROI in Email marketing which costs us no penny at all. Just a little bit of extra efforts is enough. First, you need to gather email id from your visitors. Might be thinking how? Include Subscribe to Newsletter form in your website. Make your site and content, both relevant and informative so that, they could not leave a site unless signing up subscription the form. Never ever sends spam email to your subscribers. It won’t take a minute to click an unsubscribe button. So, give an extra attention like sending emails to your visitors.


An advertisement is a perfect platform to show the people about your website. You can advertise about your site via Direct Advertisement and Google Adsense.

When you advertise on your site on other relevant websites, then that is called direct advertisements. You have to pay a certain amount to them according to their policy. For instance, my site sales themes and if I have to do an advertisement then I search other websites which create and sell themes ( relevant websites).

Another is Google Adsense (Pay Per Click). Here, advertisements are basically displayed on the top of the Google Search Results. All you need to do is Signup Google Adsense, it will put the code on your site; which helps to determine the content of your site and displays the advertisement when visitors search about relevant sites on the Google. For eg, your site is about electronic devices. So, whenever visitors search for the electronic devices in the Google, the advertisement of your site is shown on the top of the search result. And you get paid as soon as someone clicks on your site. In the initial phase, you might earn very little. But when your site’s traffic starts increasing, then the income from Google Adsense will be enormous.

Selling Ebooks

One of the best ways to earn money from a website is selling Ebooks and courses. Moz.com, Udemy, Coursera and Team Tree House are selling online sources and earning traffics and revenue. You can sell your courses directly to the visitors. Apart from that, you don’t need to share your benefits with the third person. But this task is very tempering and difficult. First, you need to create a compelling landing page, so there will be high chances of conversion rate. Similarly, your Ebooks must be good and contain all the necessary contents. Besides that, you need a contractor to promote and cooperate with it. So, though it generates income for your site, you need to be more careful while initiating online courses.


In the end, these steps will surely help to increase traffic and monetize your website. Keep implementing these strategies; you will surely manage to generate more traffic. And, try to make your website more persuasive and write fresh and informative content. If you know any other methods to increase traffic and monetize a website, then feel free to write it in the comment section.