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F8 – Facebook’s latest change and how you can get it now

Yet again Facebook has made some changes to its layout. Though you might have seen few changes for the past couple of days but that is not all. There have been major design changes in the profile section which is the new F8. A lot has changed on profile, actually everything has changed on your profile section. But you may not be able to view it right now because it is right now released as developer version. That means only developers can view their profile in the new F8 format. So generally you have to be a developer to get your hands at F8, but don’t worry you too can enable F8 on your profile right away. We will walk you through the process of it. The major change that has been seen in F8 is “Timeline”, where you can see what you had done in past. You can add your own banner on the top. Other information fields have been added. And so many other features that you will find out when you start using this.

So without further a do, lets get to business.

  • At first you will need to go to the developers website of Facebook. That is http://developers.facebook.com
  • Now on the pop up Click “Allow” to provide access to the website on your profile.
  • Click on Create App, and give your New App a Display Name and Namespace (Anything will do). Once done click on Continue.
  • You will now be redirected to your App Settings page. Click on the “Open Graph” on the left hand side menu.
  • On the new window that opens type in what people can do and Namespace (Again anything will do).

Facebook Open Graph

  • Once you have filled the form click on Get Started. You will be redirected to another form you can click on Save Changes and Next.
  • Once all the steps are completed. Go to your Profile, and see if a notification is on the top part of your Profile that read “Introducting Timeline” Click on “Get it now”.

This may take some time on some profiles. If it does not appear immediately, you can later return to your profile and do this step.

  • Once you have clicked “Get it now”. Refresh your profile and Voila!!! You have activated F8. But only other developers can view your new profile. For time being your other friends will see your profile in old theme.
    This is what your new profile looks like