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What To Choose: Free Or Premium Themes!

Free theme by itself does not mean that the theme is not good or poorly coded. There are thousands of free themes to choose in WordPress community which is pretty much good. Depending on the need and requirements the choice of Free/Premium Themes varies if we use a free theme or a premium one.

Free Themes:

Free themes, as the name suggests is completely free to use. If you have a limited budget or don’t want to spend money on themes than free themes are the way to go. If the free theme has the same features you are looking for a theme then you will not need premium themes to build your site. As it does not generally contain bulky codes and libraries the page speed is fast compared to most premium themes. Having said that there is limited feature in free themes and in today’s context, most of the free themes provides a basic view/demo of its premium themes so that the user can know if they really want the premium version. The main con of using a free theme is that you only get limited functionalities and for any customization as per need requires money.

Premium Themes:

Unlike free theme, premium themes need purchasing from specific theme author to use. The price for theme may vary according to the theme’s complexity and its author. Once you have purchased a theme you get all the updated version of that premium theme absolutely free until lifetime which has many more features. Most of the premium themes get updated from time to time to make the theme better. Also, the support you get after purchasing a premium theme is better than that of a free one. As premium themes take a long amount of time and big resources to complete, the end product is generally great and worth investing.


Both of the free/premium themes are good in its own place. If your requirements meet you can use a free theme. Generally, a free theme has limited functionalities which might need customization and can cost but on the other hand, all those vast functionalities of premium which are not needed for the one’s site. The Premium theme saves us a lot of time to complete a site as all the features are pre-built. Some of the sites that have good premium themes with the best support are Themeforest and Code Themes.

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