Best WordPress Migration Plugin

Understanding WordPress and plugin

A system basically used for managing the content is known as a WordPress. A licensed user is capable of doing any changes to the content as it is open and is available free of cost. A plugin is basically a software component used for addition of any feature to software so as to increase the functionality of the software. WordPress migration means to move the WordPress site, the contents, files, images, records to a new site. The files, as well as the database, are needed to be migrated. The plugins help in the migration process. The main feature of the plugin is automatic data backup during the process of migration. This feature helps to maintain the integrity of data and also minimize the risk involved.

Some of the Best WordPress Migration Plugins in the year 2016 are:

Plug In 1- Duplicator

One of the most talked about WordPress Migration Plugins, Duplicator enjoys 4.9-star satisfaction rating. This tool helps the users in enabling a web site administrator in duplicating, cloning, back-up, moving and transferring the entire website from one interface to another. The package is available as a zip file that comes along with an installer. The package can also be customized as per needs that can help in excluding file types, specific directories, and database tables.


Plug In 2- UpDraft Plus

This plugin proves to be handy when it comes to supporting cloud storage by default, dividing large sites into a lot of archives and scheduled backups. When working to create a backup, one simply needs to select and directories and files that are required to be included in the backup. This can be later restored from the backup into the current site and replace plugins, themes, and content directories and uploads with just a click of the mouse. Additional storage locations are available in the premium version that makes it a sought after migration tool.

Plug In 3- WP Migrate DB

This Migration tool works in a slightly different manner when compared with other plugins discussed so far. Unlike others, this migration tool does not export files and build an archive or package, WP Migrate DB works by exporting the complete website database that has been saved as an SQL File on the computer. The migration is completed by using a database management tool for importing the file into the current WordPress database.

Plug In 4- All In One WP Migration

This Plugin tool is quite simple and easy to use meant for import and export migration. There are many options available for text finding and replacing, like Site URLs, data exclusion from the export like post revisions, spam comments, plugins, themes and the media library. Thus created export file can then be saved to the computer. The uploading of export file is simply facilitated by the import screen that is then gets restored to the existing WordPress installation.


Plug In 5- WP Clone

This WordPress Migration Plugin is known for its amazing features. These features are basically designed for copying or moving the WordPress site with ease and convenience. On the destination site, this Plugin has been installed and there is no need of FTTP access to visit the original site. The database and the content are copied by default and the process is not only very fast but also ensures high security. The WordPress System files are not copied. The upload issues are also easily avoided making the process smooth.

Plug In 6- Vault Press

The major reason behind designing this Plugin was to ensure site protection through security scans and backups. Every comment, post, media file, dashboard setting, and revision is synchronized in an effective manner on the servers. The restore and backup functionality offer added advantage by migrating from the site protected by Vault Press to the new server.

Plug In 7- Back Up Buddy

Full backups are created by this WordPress Migration tool of not only the database of the WordPress but the theme files, media library, and plugins. Tables and individual files can be excluded. On the basis of an automatic schedule, these backups are created and the storing of files can be offsite in myriad locations.