An interview with Dipesh Thapa- #WCKTM2018

Dipesh Thapa is currently working as a Senior Front-end developer at Nirmal WebStudio. He also manages all the projects( both Front-end and Back-end).

In WordCamp Kathmandu 2018 he attended it as an attendee. We had a conversation with Dipesh Thapa at the event.

What made you come to WordCamp Kathmandu 2018?

It’s my first WordCamp. I am feeling so good. Till now I have attended two sessions.  They were good. And I came here today to know the access and involvement of people in WordPress. Most importantly, to know the current trends in WordPress.

What do you like about this WordCamp Kathmandu 2018?

It’s good to see many people around here. Besides that, I feel very proud seeing the majority of people who are working in the same field as mine. They all are contributing to WordPress.

How long have you been on WordPress?

It’s been two years. Since then I have been working mainly as a Front End Developer especially JS portion and WordPress Developer.

What do you think of WordPress Community in Nepal?

I think WordPress community here is Nepal is really good. All are doing great in their respective field. They are trying to build different aspects of WordPress. From my point of view, it is developing. We are getting lots of opportunities from WordPress Community.

What would you like to see change in WordPress Platform in the next 5 years?

It would be better if there is an Automated Feature in WordPress.

In what way do you think you can best contribute to the future of WordPress?

I will try to focus more on User Appearance. Try to give them anything they are searching on a site. That’s it.

Do you find the value of being here today?

Yeah, of course. I sat over 2 or 3 sessions till now. And they all were sharing their experience and environment of their working field. To me, they are very inspiring. Apart from that, I learned many new things as well.

And you think you are going to come back in upcoming WordCamp here in Kathmandu?

Yeah, I will definitely.

What are your suggestions to make WordCamp better in the upcoming years?

This one is really good. I haven’t seen any flaws and imperfection till. Hope this continues in upcoming years as well.

For someone who is new to WordCamp or even WordPress, what would you like to recommend or suggest?

Based on my experience, first, try to learn basic knowledge of WordPress. Be more focus on what you are doing. Do self-study as much as you can. Constantly update your knowledge as soon as new features come on WordPress. Try to do learn new things.

Besides WordPress, what are your hobbies or passion?

Watching UFC, Mixed Martial Arts and gym.

Thank you Dipesh Thapa for your wonderful time.

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