An interview with Dat Hoang- #WCKTM2018

Dat Hoang is Happiness Engineer at Automattic. He gives support to his customers. Prior to Automatic, he used to work in WPML. You can get in touch with Mr. Dat Hoang on his twitter account @tiendathoang. Or, you can read his blog at tiendathoang

At the WordCamp Kathmandu 2018, his session was about “WordPress Multilingual: Benefits and Considerations. Possibility to have a multilingual WordPress site, why it is a worthy investment and more.”

We had a conversation with Mr. Dat Hoang at the event.

What made you come to WordCamp Kathmandu 2018?

I came here 2 years ago. And I always wanted to come back to Nepal. When I knew that WordCamp Kathmandu is on 17th March, I thought this is the best time to visit Nepal again. So, I am here now.

What do you like about this WordCamp Kathmandu 2018?

People are very friendly. This WordCamp is big. Well, much bigger than my expectation.

How long have you been on WordPress?

I think I started WordPress around 7 years ago. In my initial days in WordPress, I used to read and write blogs on WordPress. It doesn’t mean I left that, I am still writing blogs.

What do you think of WordPress Community in Nepal?

I think WordPress community is very big. All are very talented as well. I sat over few sessions and with my surprise, they are really good. I am pretty impressed with their talk.

What would you like to see change in WordPress Platform in the next 5 years?

I am not sure about this but Gutenberg editor, the new editor is coming soon. So, I think that’s a big thing for all the WordPress enthusiast. Moreover, I heard that it will increase the standard of the theme and plugins. There are so many people on WordPress. It will be the greatest thing if they get standardized themes and plugins.

In what way do you think you can best contribute to the future of WordPress?

From my side, I would like to spend more time in WordPress. I would like to try to develop the community is my country Vietnam. Because there are lots of people who are using WordPress in Vietnam.

Do you find the value of being here today?

Yeah, Of course.

And you think you are going to come back in upcoming WordCamp here in Kathmandu?

Yeah, I would love to. But that depends on many things. If I got a chance to visit here again, then no doubt, I will attend upcoming WordCamp. By the way, I like this place very much.

What are your suggestions to make WordCamp better in the upcoming years?

I think they should be much more careful on the formats. The talks are very good, but it seems more like a one-way conversation. It would be better if they organize WorkShop, Q&A for specific topics.

For someone who is new to WordCamp or even WordPress, what would you like to recommend or suggest?

For normal people who are thinking about initiating career in WordPress, first, go to WordPress.com. From there you can lot of knowledge and easily understand what really is WordPress. WordPress is very easy, and free. You don’t need to set up anything, just use it. For people with the less tech background, they might set up their own website, hosting, on their private server or in localhost. They could try to develop it or set up a team.

What was your background before stepping into WordPress?

Wow, very interesting question. Before WordPress, I used to work as a Marketing Executive.

Besides WordPress, what are your hobbies or passion?

Traveling, taking pictures, and volunteer activities.

Thank you, Mr. Dat Hoang for your wonderful time.

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