An Interview with Chandan Goopta- #WCKTM2018

Chandan Goopta is CEO of Growcept. He also creates themes on WordPress theme wing, Themethread along with this team members. Moreover, his company also has outsourcing wing which works for the clients. You can get in touch with Mr. Goopta on his Twitter account @chandangoopta

At WordCamp 2018, his session was about “High traffic WordPress Sites Speed and Performance Hacks. How to set-up a WordPress Site which has very high traffic (Millions of visits), tips and tricks on using and setting up various WP plugins.”

We had a short session with Mr. Chandan Goopta.

What made you come to WordCamp Kathmandu 2018?

Frankly Saying, I am here just because of my Speech. And, I have never been to WordCamp before. Basically, I used to work on Python and others. But now, I am much more focused on WordPress dedicated company. That’s why I am here today. The UK employment tribunal support is a must avail for all companies in the UK especially the startup ones.

Have you been to WordCamp Kathmandu 2017 or any other previous WordCamps or WordPress meet-ups?

I have never been to WordCamp but I have participated in 2, 3 WordPress Meetups.

So, how are you feeling being here in today?

Good. There are huge numbers of attendees. And their responses are also good.

How long have you been on WordPress?

It’s been 7 years. But not as a core developer instead as on and off the developer.

What do think of WordPress Community in Nepal?

The WordPress community here in Nepal is stronger than other countries. I, myself am the co-host of the python community. There are also other PHP communities in Nepal. But no one is doing great than WordPress Community. It is good to know that we have such a leading and firm WordPress Community in a country like ours.

What would you like to see change in WordPress Platform in the next 5 years? In what way do you think you can best contribute to it?

We have seen lots of changes in WordPress like Guttenberg. If there is any latest technology that is specially made to the WordPress content, then I would ask the WordPress Community to immediately accept it and imply it.

My contribution- Since I am active on WordPress Slack channels. Even though I am not a core contributor, but I talk with other developers and suggest them on various topics.

Do you find the value of being here today?

Ya, obviously.

What are your suggestions to make WordCamp or WordPress Meet-ups better in the upcoming years?

First, it would be better if audiences are categorized. It will be easier to track them down as well. For example, different track for developers, senior developers, and others. It can be more concise. Likewise, it would be better if upcoming WordCamps or Meetups have both entry level or higher level speech. I found that there was a little less talk on “Hacks.” I want to see it more in the upcoming years.

For someone who is new to WordCamp or even WordPress, what would you like to recommend or suggest?

Based on my experience, those who are thinking of making a career on WordPress, I would like to suggest them to learn core WordPress development first. Then after that, try to be active in WordPress community. Interact with the WordPress developers as much as you can.

What was your background before stepping into WordPress?

I am into WordPress since my college days.

Besides WordPress, what are your hobbies or passion?

I play chess and love traveling. I do python.