5 E-Commerce Website Ideas Can Improve your Earnings

E-commerce stands for the buying and selling of goods/services and transmission of funds or data over the internet. These transactions are made in several formats, such as business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer (C2C) and consumer-to-business (C2B).

This business is done with the help of Emails, Fax, online catalogs, and shopping carts. The availability of a wide range of products on the E-commerce websites, the facility to buy products 24*7/365 days from all locations and ease of access have contributed to the continuous growth of E-commerce business.

A sharp growth in eCommerce business including luxury consignment stores has encouraged individuals with a low income, unemployed youths, small-scale companies, and firms to take their businesses online, mint money easily in a short duration of time and expand their profession in all directions.

When you make an entry to the eCommerce world, you have to compete with the big players of the industry, attract customers towards your website, and sell your products in maximum numbers to sustain in the business. Due to the growing competition in this business, most of the e-retailers face a lot of problems to beat the competition and run a profitable eCommerce business.

Today’s online shoppers have become very smart and dexterous. They visit different E-commerce websites, go through different pages, check different products from various angles and go away without giving any business to e-retailers. The high rate of shopping cart abandonment shows the real status of E-commerce business.

Do you run an eCommerce website? Searching for effective ideas to grow your sales and make lots of money through it? If yes, then you should take some effective steps that are mentioned here below:

Take Your eCommerce Business To The Mobile Platform

Different mobile devices have become an integral part of our life. These days, we use mobile phones not only for making calls, but also for browsing the internet and buying products and services online.

Yes, it’s 100% true. Online shopping through mobile devices has increased a lot. So, you must take your eCommerce business to the mobile platform as soon as possible if you want to sell your products in maximum numbers and make lots of money in a short duration of time. Here are some tips using which you can easily capitalize the business coming from the small screens:

  • Create A Mobile Version of Your eCommerce Site
    If you have sufficient budget, resources, and manpower to handle a separate E-commerce website, then create a separate mobile version of your E-commerce site. This will help shoppers to visit your mobile site easily through the Google search, find the desired products and buy them instantly. Having a separate mobile version of your eCommerce website reduces the huge burden on your main website (in terms of traffic) and you become able to manage huge catalogs of products, orders, complaints, etc, without any problem.
  • Make Your eCommerce Website Responsive To Mobile Devices
    If you don’t have enough budget to have a separate mobile version of your Eshop, then don’t get worried at all. Just make the existing E-commerce site responsive to all mobile devices. There are many WordPress multisite development companies in the market that help entrepreneurs to make their E-commerce websites responsive to all mobile devices.If your Eshop is responsive to different mobile devices, you get more traffic, chances of lead generation and a healthy ranking (of your site) in Google’s SERP. You can also use Magento or PSD to WordPress conversion services to take your eCommerce business to the WordPress platform and run it successfully with a low investment.
  • Create A User-friendly Mobile App To Boost Your Sales
    Different mobile apps are widely used by tech-savvy people on a daily basis. Therefore, you should contact dedicated Mobile App Developers and get an app built for your eCommerce website. Ask the app Development company to list your app on Google Play store and other similar places.

Provide the app download link to your website. Just do some marketing to make your app popular among online shoppers. Encourage visitors to download your app and use it to buy the desired products from you. This will increase your eCommerce business up to a great extent.

Different Payment Options

Different online shoppers have different choices when it comes to making payment for the purchased products. Some of them love to pay through credit/debit card, various Mobile Payment Apps and third party payment gateways. If you don’t provide them options for making payment, it is possible that they would stop buying from you in the future.

Therefore, attach several payment gateways to your eCommerce website. It will allow shoppers to easily pay for the products they purchased from your E-store. In order to attract customers in great numbers, you should also have Cash on delivery option on the board.

Swift Product Delivery System

When shoppers buy products online, they expect its delivery in maximum 2 or 3 days. If there is unnecessary delay in product delivery, they become displeased and cancel the order in great frustration. So, you should improve the product delivery system ASAP and make sure that shoppers get the ordered products in maximum 4 business days once their order is placed and processed successfully.

Apart from this, keep the product delivery charges as low as you can because HIGH PRODUCT DELIVERY COST=CONVERSION KILLER. If possible, ensure swift product delivery to customers without charging any transportation fee. This will make them happy and they would love to buy a wide variety of products from your eCommerce website.

Give Some Freebies To Loyal Shoppers

Always keep in mind that loyal customers are the brand ambassadors of your E-commerce brand. They give you several business opportunities and add more customers to your brand totally free of cost.

So, as an ardent E-commerce business operator, you should offer some discounts and free items to your loyal customers from time-to-time. This will encourage shoppers to buy more frequently from your website and save some bucks in the form of discounts and freebies.

Customer Retention Program

When you run an eCommerce website that gets lots of traffic every day and orders from customers, shoppers always contact you with their issues and problems. If you don’t address their concerns in a timely fashion, they stop buying from you for the next time. It is a direct loss to your eCommerce business.

So, you must have a proper customer care service to take care of issues raised by shoppers. You should have a definite plan to get back the lost customers and encourage them to start buying from your website. It gives a great boost to your eCommerce business and money keep pumping into wallets every day/week/month year.

Final Remarks:

Running a profitable eCommerce business is not a child’s play. Several E-commerce companies shut their operations in a few days after launching their business activities due to lack of sales. By following the above-mentioned tips and taking an E-commerce course, you can easily make your eCommerce business a profit-making venture. Read eCom babes reviews for more info.