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10 Killer Tips That Will Help You Design a Perfect Logo

Logo design is vital for your brand identity. It promotes your company and becomes a symbol of your future success. A distinctive logo can make you well-known while a standard one will kill your inspiration. If you’re involved into the process of creating your own logo, you will be involved in a positive result as well. To get an outstanding result, we suggest you learning our 10 killer tips for logo design that will help you create an exclusive logo design.


Size is crucial

Remember the first rule of responsive web design? Size ALWAYS matters when it comes to designing your web site and these exact rules aren’t made to be broken. The same refers to your logo’s size. Your logo will be everywhere: on your website, in your office, on your employee’s badges and even on the pens and notebooks. Make sure it will look awesome on everything and won’t lose its shape. People can check this out if they need an expert advice on the best logo designs.


Update the design

Fashion is changeable, you have to be ready to follow it. Also, you need to surprise your clients from time to time to make them wonder: what is going to be next? You shouldn’t do it every week or month – it would be really annoying. Once in a blue moon isn’t a way out as well – your clients will get old while waiting for changes. Better find a golden mean and impress your clients from time to time. Sometimes the changes may be accepted in a bad way that’s why don’t make them too radical.


A tagline, a strapline, a motto

Is there any difference? No, those three words basically mean the same: think twice whether you need them on your logo. You don’t want to cram it and make it too complicated for people to understand. There will be no use if you don’t follow the latest tendencies. For example, Nike managed to be simple and stylish at the same time, including its tagline into the logo.

The trend to simplicity didn’t appear all of a sudden. Due to this trend, you can get rid of everything you don’t need and keep only the essence.


Simplicity once again

Let’s take a look at one of the most successful company nowadays: Apple. Its logo is simple and widely recognized. You see it everywhere and you really got used to it. It can be one of the best examples of a fruitful logo design. Do you know what Apple logo first looked like?

It’s hard to imagine this concept to truly work nowadays, though it seemed to meet all the requirements: it was meaningful and symbolical, contained the company’s name, used a harmonious color scheme and even had a quotation “Newton… A Mind Forever Voyaging Through Strange Seas of Thought … Alone.” However, the quotation was rather difficult to read and the entire picture was too crammed. That’s why don’t overthink your logo trying to add there everything possible and impossible. Sometimes one small apple can be enough.


The same or different?

One of the hardest tasks for you in creating a logo design will be to create some really divine concept that will be different from already existing ones. There are billions of companies and therefore billions of logos. Although, the more creative you are, the more chances you receive to get noticed. Think and act in a different way and it will soon bring its results.


Make it bright!

Psychologists have proved there are three basic types of people: audials, kinesthetics and visuals. Everything they do and everything they like depends on the way they percept information. Logos are aimed at the visual side. That’s why picking a color is so essential, look here and find out the reason why! If you make a wrong choice, it will make a mess of the whole idea and there will be nothing you can do about it. Except for doing everything all over again, of course. I highly doubt that is what you really want.

Sketch everything

If you come up with some idea, make a note. Even if the idea is really bad, you shouldn’t reject it at once. Afterwards, when you’re totally sapless and your Muse has left you, take a look at your notes: perhaps you will find something great in there. If you don’t, take a look once again: you may be rescued by a combination of your several previous ideas.

Surrounded by symbols

Symbolism is not only a trend in the world’s literature. It is something we face every day and it is of prime importance when it refers to your logo. It doesn’t have to be symbolic but it’s always advisable and appreciated. Your clients will need to know what is hidden behind your logo. They are always curious about that. However, don’t be too abstract using several symbols instead of one. Remember, that one symbol can combine lots of meanings which will make your logo much deeper and substantial.


Make it memorable

Your logo must be kept in memory. The more people remember and recognize it, the more profit you’ll get. The greatest success is when you trigger the chain of associations. For example, a large yellow M makes you think of a juicy cheeseburger in MacDonald’s; a blue F reminds you of Facebook and a yellow shell makes you think of Shell (simple, isn’t it?). Not only letters or figures can you use to present your brand, but also the combinations of colors or patterns – everything depends on your imagination.


Don’t resist the temptation – yield to it

You need to be passionate about everything you do, especially about your logo. Your ideas have to flow around, you must be overwhelmed with desire to make your logo work. Get inspired and you will inspire people around you. The process of designing a logo is unbelievably painful but at the end you will become a winner. Get tempted with your future result and yield to this temptation. If your logo will be able to reflect a small sparkle of your enthusiasm you may consider yourself to be very lucky.