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HTML5 & CSS3, are we ready for it?

Html5 and CSS3 one of the most talked about technology in the web design field for quite some time now, we have been talking about this for quite some time now but are we ready for it? What I mean is, is it good enough just yet to start building a website in HTML5 and CSS3? Well half of the part may say anytime is good time to start using new technology and they are more than just half right. But what about the end users? They are the one who make our website a hit or a miss and what a website atleast do is take them into consideration. With browser war in it’s peak than ever before, what we still see is there are nearly half of the internet population still using IE. And that makes a majority of the share of our website viewers and the problem as always is that IE is still not good with HTML5 ar CSS3.
http://www.findmebyip.com has a detailed chart of what all properties of HTML5 and CSS3 does or does not different browsers support. You can view the HTML5 and CSS3 chart of browser compatibility by http://www.findmebyip.com.
So with that chart taken into consideration we find that Google Chrome has the best support for HTML5 and CSS3 by far and IE nearly has no consideration for the latest technology. And now here are few graphs of browser usage in different continents and world wide.
Stats Counter Report on browser usage in North America

Browser usage chart on europe
Browser usage chart on europe
As we can see a majority of users still use IE. Though there has been a noticable rise in the use of other web browsers but they still do not make the half of total netizens. And we cannot ignore the half of our targeted viewers. This gives us a brief idea of how using HTML5 and CSS3 right now could cost us a lot of targeted viewers. So do we still stick to the older technology? Well this might be good most of the time, but the stats are just half the truth. What we also need to take in consideration is that there are a lot of tech savvy people that now have switched to other better browsers and if your targeted viewer lie on that range then you are in for a treat, because you getting hold of new technology ( in this case HTML5 and CSS3 ) will get you more notice. For example say you own a technology blog, then you could well get on with these because your viewers are more alert and have better browsers that support HTML5 and/or CSS3.
What I mean to say in this post is that, while you might want to use the new technology in your site and get some hands on experience on it. It might just give you a back fire. So always make websites for people who you are targeting.