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Social Media Marketing as a Career

Social Media Marketing is not only one of the lucrative job presents in the market today but also it pays you as well, if you follow the best Tips for making money online you’ll end up earning a lot of money. This job also allows you to broaden your horizon and can be stepping stone to your Internet Marketing career. Let’s dive into basics of Social Media Marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

According to search engine land Blog, ” The process of gaining traffic and attention through social media site is called Social Media Marketing”. A company, brand & businesses need to be present where their audience attention is. Hence, Social Media Marketing has evolved as a career. A very popular site Glassdoor and payscale state that median salary of social media manager in the United States is near around $ 40K – $ 45k annually. Depending upon the size of a company / Agency which may vary with your experience and knowledge.

What is the job responsibility of Social Media Executive?

According to the Monster.com, “social media managers are responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies for a business’s social media sites.” This includes blogging, creating social media profiles, managing regular posts and responding to followers.” It doesn’t end there. Since it’s a social platform and company are benefiting from it to spread their positive message about product and service. It requires a lot of strategic planning, keeping up with a trend and constantly learning & implementing. According to Hootsuite, there is six technical skill Social Media Manager must have.

i) SEO Knowledge

Since Social Media Marketing is to do with sharing content and a lot of it is about optimizing content. SEO knowledge helps to drive rich traffic to the company website. If SMM understands what well-optimized blog, image, and content can do. It will definitely improve or leads to more engagement on a social site.

ii) Social Media Expertise

Monitoring user, setting up a benchmark, improving fan base,  contest & campaign, lead generation, Brand awareness, video marketing Is all important aspect of Social Media Marketing. Being an expert in Social Media Marketing means to have hands-on experience and knowledge about all of this factor.

iii) Customer Service Specialist

Social Media Platform is an overview of their business. Social Site like Twitter & Facebook is popularly known for Interaction with a user. To be able to keep eye on what’s happening in each platform and responding user query efficiently comes under customer service. As a Social Media Marketer or Manager to understand user query and respond with a positive attitude is must have knowledge in Online Marketing Industry.

iv) Social Media Management Tools Mastery

No doubt tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, SocialBlade are important tools if you are working in an agency or you have multiple clients. To hone over these platforms is mere not only just a need but also to excel is what can lead to an efficient marketing strategy.

v) Creativity

This includes both copywriting & Visual Intelligence. Social Media Manager doesn’t have to be a graphic designer or sales copywriter but having a knowledge of what will appeal user is unavoidable. In social media where attention gets shifted in a fraction of seconds to be creative and make your content eye catchy, desirable and must read is a must have skill. A viral post is the outcome of good creativity.

In addition to above responsibility developing strategy, editorial content, Content calendar, keeping up with latest trends are other skills that one must be keen to learn to take social media marketing as a career. It’s a dynamic industry. As it’s importance and awareness is growing day to day. The algorithm, new tools, and trends are changing also taking shifts. For E-commerce, Content Marketing Sites Social Media is the most important tool to drive traffic to their blog or website.


Ways to make money from Social Media

i)  Join a Digital Marketing agency or work as a Freelancer for small business

Like several other job roles present in Market. This one also will make you work and demands professionalism. Since social media is a part of our day to day life to make it a profession will need more learning and commitment to excel. This industry is growing rapidly, If only now you will catch the trend you will be able to sell your knowledge and expertise in a hefty amount in a couple of years down in Line. Set yourself as a brand. Start marketing other businesses, products, and services online. You can either work as a freelancer taking projects or join a company.

ii) Video Marketing & YouTube

There is reason why YouTube is considered as a popular content sharing site. Visual Intelligence and content marketing combines together and makes an outstanding product called YouTube.  YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Web. It is the third most visited site on the Web, according to Alexa and SimilarWeb.  Also, it is no secret that video content is more engaging than text and preferable to a consumer. Video content grabs more attention than text and keeps us engaged. YouTube shares it’s revenue with their creators that you can leverage in order to make money and pursue YouTube as a career.

With over one billion views each day and over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute.
With 95% of the global internet population watching worldwide in 76 different languages.
With over 17,000 videos filmed by creators at YouTube Spaces across the world.
YouTube makes it a great career option.

iii) Content Creator / Curator

Media Editor, Content creatives, copy writing, explainer Video. If you have skills of Photoshop, editing, and have access to a clipping path service provider. A content creator can make money from creatives.

iv) Influencer Marketing

Creating a content in a particular niche and engaging with people with similar interest opens up a door for Influencer marketing. It about creating high-quality content, provide all kinds of information related to your niche industry. Maintaining yourself as an authority of particular interest opens up the door for brands, services and people related to your industry to endorse their product and service.

v)  Sell Online

It is tested and proven. If you have been in this platform from long. You must have seen how people are driving traffic to their bio in Instagram and asked to dm you for desired product. Weather, it’s through Instagram or by a Facebook shop. Selling online is a thing.

Where can I learn these skills?

Well, this is the most interesting part of this blog. Like, I mention earlier possibilities and responsibilities of Social Media Marketing. Now it’s time to hone these skills and enhance it so you can call yourself a professional. There are a couple of ways you can learn it.

  • You can work for someone who will teach you like on the job training.
  • Actually, you can either go to an institute and learn these skills by attending physical classes.
  • If you are not only good in navigating, but also in surfing the Internet, you can opt for YouTube channels, blogs and participate in active groups online.  Eg: Neilpatel.com, digitaldeepak.com.
  • Final and best way is to opt for an online course. Following are the online courses available from CourseraUdemyHootsuite. It teaches you skills require to do  Social Media Management.